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    Apr 6, 2003
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    I've been accepted into the Acoustics and Music program at the University of Hartford pending I pass the classical DB audition. I am having surgery soon, planned long ago, and is the day before the last date to audition. I have spoken to the bass instructor at U of H and he is willing to see me at a later date for my audition.

    First of all, I am a novice to playing. I'm a slab player of four years and grabbed a DB for the first time fourteen months ago. I'm still a newbie in many senses, but I have a deep passion for the instrument, and was wondering if anyone had any tips.

    This is only my second DB audition ever (the only other was HS seating auditions, which I recieved third out of seven... all six others have been playing for at least three years, and fell behind two extraordinarily outstanding players) and managed to do alright. I had a half hour with the audition piece and thirty seconds with the sight reading and only botched a high F# so I was proud of myself.

    The audition requirements are as below:
    One orchestral excerpt from the standard repertoire
    Two contrasting solo selections (can include movements from sonatas or concerti, and can include an étude)
    Scales and arpeggios as follows: 2-octave scales and arpeggios in 3 different keys (2 major and one minor) and at various speeds played legato separate bows, slurred (3 or more notes per bow) and spiccato
    Sight-reading may be required.

    Could anyone provide any recommendations for pieces to play? I have about six weeks to do this (four of which I'll be weak due to surgery)

    Also, do you think I will recieve pity points due to my weakness?
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