UFO ..Lights out in London

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  1. Hello friends......
    Just learning thsi old classic hard rock song.
    With the distortion pete used , It throws off my old ears. So any one know the notes he played on this track? any help or ideas appreciated. Thanks Paul
  2. Trance_9


    Jun 12, 2006
    Gas City, IN
    Anone reply to this? I would love the bass lines for that song as well,..Great tune,...Rock On !!
  3. somebody please help. love that song.
  4. Headroom


    Apr 5, 2002
    Sorry, I don't have the notation for that classic. But until it comes along, we can enjoy this blast from the past:

  5. i know the song, i could toss together a tab and put it up but i wouldnt have time to write the theory on it.

    Let me see what i can do tomorrow between school and work. While were on cool UFO songs anyone love to play Shoot shoot? or Doctor doctor?

    first 2 songs i ever learned to play on bass, my dad was and still is hugely into UFO i knew the words to every song off no heavy petting by the time i was 8!
  6. As a kid (mid 70's), I used to play "Highway Lady" with the right channel turned off the headphones so I could listen to the bass. :bassist:
  7. That is a blast from the past! We used to play the absolute livin' hell outta that song "back in the day" - that and "Highway Star", "Day of the Eagle" - all that... man, were those fun!

    Pound on F# and E relentlessly (with periodic triplet-ish fill notes)
    Triplet-trot on 8va E
    Pound on F# and E relentlessly

    A (dadadump dadadump - triplets) etc...
    B (see above) A A G
    G (see above, above) A
    B (you get the idea...)


    And - I may have forgotten a bridge - but I think that's about it...

    Fun song!
  8. I actually play this song in my band. :bassist: