it impossible to find serious dedicated musicians?

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  1. Yeah...I've been getting into some trouble with my band as of late. I want us to practice fairly often. At least once a week or so. Now, its once ever 3 or 4 weeks if lucky. After talking with the guitarist and drummer, they both say they "have other things going on that are more important." The drummer has a girlfriend and a job. He works Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, and Sunday afternoon. The guitarist has no job. When I want to practice they're like "no I have something going on." We can't practice after school because our practice space is occupied, and I can't get out after school anyway.

    Which leads me to this... I've been in 3 bands, 2 of which (probably 3 soon) have ended because of a lack of dedication and the other members aren't serious. Is it possible to find competent, dedicated musicians who know music theory, etc?
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    Sep 9, 2000
    I hear ya, man. I think those people aren't as into it or serious as you are. You need to find (as I do) others who are willing and able to really commit roughly the same time and effort that you are. My hope is to find others able to rehearse twice a week. I think it's really hard to put together a top-notch local band with only once-a-week. But people have all kinds of conflicts, so you need people who are willing to make music the priority and set aside the time necessary to make it happen. Good luck, and keep looking - there must be others out there who feel as you do.
    - Mike
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    Oct 17, 2001
    me and my two friends are starting a band.they really like to play drums and guitar.but the guitarist isnt into the whole music theory thing,he just reads TaBz.ive been trying to get him into that stuff be aint havin it.were gonna be able to practice like every other day cuz we all live in the same neigberhood and my drum friend's parents are ok with us practicing in his basement.
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    There are some bands with a record deal and gold records that don't have dedicated and serious musicains. I'm afraid it's a lifelong quest.