For Sale Ugly Old Bass Cabinet - GK 4412H

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    Gallien-Krueger 4412H - Probably older than most of you reading this.
    I bought this new in 1978 along with a GK 400B head (R.I.P.) and it was my only amp for the next 20 years.
    For those who don't know, the cabinet uses four 12" drivers in a horn loaded configuration coupled with two 10" front firing drivers.
    Mechanically sound, fairly ugly and heavy! It pushes a lot of air for a cab rated at 250 watts.
    One of the 10" drivers was replaced early in it's life.
    Fair warning, there are some rattles and the grill definitely needs to be rebuilt.
    $200.00 or best offer, plus actual shipping.

    SWR Goliath I cabinet. This is the original that was made by Eden Electronics.
    It's ancient and looks it, sounds great.
    SOLD 10 June 2017 ($200.00 or best offer, plus actual shipping.)

    I prefer to sell these locally. I may be willing to deliver if you are within 100 miles of San Diego.

    Here's the Gallien Krueger-
    GK 4412H-1.JPG GK 4412H-2.JPG GK 4412H-3.JPG GK 4412H-5.JPG
    And the Goliath I
    SWR Goliath-1.JPG SWR Goliath-2.JPG SWR Goliath-3.JPG SWR Goliath-5.JPG

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    Good grief! I thought I'd never see one of those GK cabs again. Real old-school, right there. GLWTS, man.
  3. Well, no one showed interest on the GK cabinet so I'm donating it to a drummer friend of mine.
    He'll take good care of it.

    Consider this thread CLOSED.