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Uh-Oh, I'm gettin' an urge...

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by Hambone, Feb 10, 2001.

  1. As most of you know by now, I've begun building basses as a hobby using computer controlled routing equipment. The machine I used for the first bass is my employers and cost over $70,000 not including software. I've investigated these machines and others out there and found that, although there were cheaper ones, none was what could be called truly affordable.

    Well, that's about to change. I've found a company that makes a product called the ShopBot and this is a computer controlled router system designed for the home shop and light industrial use. This is a very full featured machine that has a maximum table size of 60" x 120" though a 48" x 96" would certainly do nicely. And the bottom line on such an item...Would you believe less than $6,000!!!!

    The wife has given the OK to liquidating some silkscreen equipment that we never got out of the box and pursuing one of these machines. There are many, many details to work out but maybe, just maybe, I'll be in my own workshop with one of the greatest toys a builder could ever own. Here's hoping!

    By the way, Zion Guitars out of North Carolina uses one of these machines for their luthiery. If that didn't get my attention, you can be assured nothing will.
  2. good luck, keep us up to date, and i am getting pumped for your online ordering form.
  3. Hambone,

    I've looked into one of those shopbots, and they are pretty incredible for the price. My woodworking is all custom, so I couldn't justify the price - not doing a lot of repetitive cuts. How many instruments do you plan on producing to justify the cost?
  4. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    I sent out my spec.'s for bids. I think I may hold off on the bids I received from Drozd, Stambaugh, Garz, K. Lawrence, and Kinal. Let's see, "Hambone Europa." Kinda catchy. :D
  5. Cost justification? COST JUSTIFICATION??

    We don't need no stinkin' cost justification!:)

    Seriously, this isn't going to be a full blown guitar factory. My interests are extremely varied and with skills in several disciplines I can use the Shopbot in all of them. I've already done projects for myself like fabrication of racecar parts, sign fabrication, decorative aluminum finishing, tool fabrication, vacuum mold fabrication, and case construction. All of these were done with a router table for my own personal yeeehaw. Bass building is just my current passion and one that I'll likely carry on till I die. If anything, I'll probably put it use as a service for prototyping parts with maybe some production run things thrown in. I recently went to a rally by the local Robot Club. Their creations used a lot of routed components. What I'm sure they couldn't get is a guy without a production schedule to work around so that they could get their parts. I'm thinking along those lines.

    Getting back to the basses - I would probably be very interested in turning out custom bodies. Not as a stock item but by special order. There are lots of hobbyists like myself without a source for this kind of thing and being able to offer the service just might catch on.

    As I see it, the skies the limit.

    Rickbass - Please don't hold yer breath-unless your looking for that special shade of blue for the outer burst on your new axe :)


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