Uhhh...confession here.

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  1. I heard the new Korn album, and I actually like it.

    My friend put the CD in and I was like "naw man Korn sucks..." mostly because I'd heard a song or two before (like their butchering of Word Up) and didn't like it...before I knew it we were both rocking out...I'd just read so much Korn bashing on here that I just figured "well yeah they suck" until I really listened for myself.

    I think that the fact there's only one guitar player has forced Fieldy to not sound so clickity clackity and to actually play his bass ,which honestly he's not "the worst" at, and I feel many people are jealous because a mediocre (or an alright) bassist has scored millions and a signature bass.

    Just saying I listened and dug it, and was humbled from making pre-judgements again!
  2. Vorago

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    Jul 17, 2003
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    And you're still posting here? You have some serious guts :mad:


    I heard it, but I like their older albums better.
  3. Yeah posting this I expect a few "you suck!" and "listen to music with talent" or "you'll never be a good bass player listening to that s**t" but I don't care. Just saying I made a judgement before really checking it out and I was surprised.

    Ironically I do like stuff like Dream Theater and Mahavishnu Orchestra, so it's not that I like music with no talent;)

    I think this is different sounding from most of their other stuff.
  4. Matt Till

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    I bought a Korn album in a discount bin (without artwork) for like 99 cents. I forget what it was called, I think it was the one right after the big one (Follow the Leader?) so the one right after that.

    THAT album was... well, I didn't hate it. The only thing that bothered me was the vocalist. His whiney whine whine gets ollllld fast. But the drummer was tight (I guess he's the reason they are considered rap metal, his drums have that vibe/tone). And surprisingly, when Fieldy played fingerstyle and tried to match the hip hop vibe, it was pretty cool, he had some nice grooves himself. The guitarists had some pretty cool floaty parts.

    All and all though, if they got rid of the singer, it still couldn't hold my interest very long. Just because I don't hate something doesn't mean it's something I want to listen to on a regular basis. It's an album I listen to one ever three years. ;)
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    Jan 28, 2003
    Good interview with Korn's remaining guitar player James "Munky" Shaffer in Febuary 2006 Guitar World. He talks about how the leaving of the other guitar player forced him to work hard to write alone instead of work with the other guitar player who is/was his longtime friend. They have hired another guitar player to take on tour but that guy did not record. Anyway, based on the article, whatever you previously thought of Korn, I would expect the new album to be different.

    You know, we expect Korn to put out stuff that is not maybe what we like, but they can change and could create some good stuff. And we expect the next Metallica record to be great, but you never know.
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    I actually like the new Korn disc. I'm into a very wide range of music, and I accept any bashing that I get for that.

    The new disc is... well... it's very different from old Korn. They sound different from album to album, and this is just them reinventing their sound.

    I actually respect Fieldy. Listening to a lot of their songs, he isn't always clicking away, and when he isn't, he can hold a nice groove.

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