Ultra cheap but great Boss CE-1 clone : Valeton Aquaflow Vintage Chorus

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    Feb 23, 2011
    So a while ago I bought the Valeton Aquaflow Vintage Chorus, which allegedly is a clone of the chorus circuit in the legendary Roland JC-120 guitar combo, which again essentially is the same circuit as the lgendary Boss CE-1 chorus.

    This take on the CE-1 got separate controls for Speed (rate) and Depth, as well as a clean Mix and a Tone control (the latter as far as I can tell only affecting the effected, vibrato, part of the signal and otherwise working like a standard tone control).

    And once you have worked out the quirks of this pedal it actually does a really great job at emulating this classic chorus circuit, the quirks being that as far as I am concerned the chorus effect is too subtle with the Depth control bellow around the 12 o'clock position and bellow around the 3 o'clock position on the mix knob (for whatever reason that is, resistance of the pots chosen, taper or whatever), but actually very useful and responsive above that, and can get quite and plenty wet with the Mix control maxed (as in the Mix control maxed seems to be default/regular vibrato (wet)/clean signal mix ratio) and everything bellow that will be less wet) and with the Depth set above the 3 o'clock position, also the tone of the chorus seems to be slightly on the darker side, which though can be fixed perfectly well by turning the Tone control a bit to the right from the 12 o'clock position (around 1 to 2 o'clock).

    Look like this (1590A enclosure):

    And goes for just around 55$.

    No tone suck as far as I can tell, which makes sense since it is true bypass, and no volume drop when engaged, if anything it boosts the signal ever so slightly, and of course an all analog circuit.
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    Mar 12, 2017
    Just got one of these.. . A sublime chorus for my needs regardless of price
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