No longer available Ultra Gnarly 2 pack: GCI Brutalist Jr. + Valeton OC-10 Octave

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    Up for consideration— an exquisite pedal value pack including one built by hand God City Instruments Brutalist Jr. & one Valeton OC-10 Octave:

    The GCI was hand assembled by a friend of mine (I’m lazy!) and has been modded for better bass response— the board has been socketed in a couple of spots for easy capacitor swaps / experimentation (stock cap is included.)
    The enclosure is raw aluminum & very brutal indeed. Heavy duty hook velcro included.
    The Valeton OC-10 is an amazing OC-2 clone that sounds just as good as the original IMO (I’ve owned two OC-2s over the years, so speaking from experience.)
    The tiny footprint is amazing! Comes with original box + packaging.
    Both of these pedals are in great shape & sound KILLER, just not seeing a lot of love from me these days and need to be ROCKED!

    $115 via PayPal takes all.
    USPS Priority shipping included!
    TRADE BAIT: I’m in the market for a passive set of PJ pickups, preferably w/ a wiring harness.
    Or a complete EMG GZR PJ set!
    +/- cash both ways, of course.
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    Sep 15, 2011
    Those OC 10s are a treat. GLWTS!
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