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Ultra Jazz in Guild Pilot 5

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Blues Bass 2, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. I've got a real nice Guild Pilot 5 string with EMG jazz pickups and the BTC Active tone circuit that I put in about a year ago.My other bass is an Essex Jazz 5 string and the tone I get with the single coils and just passive electronics has made it my gigging bass.I've thought about selling the Pilot and getting another passive Jazz style bass since the EMGs don't do it for me but the Pilot plays so well and is built at least as well as a good Fender so I thought I could change the pickups to get more of a passive Jazz sound.

    The pickups that seem to be the right size and might give me the tone I'm looking for are the Dimarzio Ultra Jazz 5 neck pickup for both positions because of the narrow string spacing.I'm thinking of just V/V/T with a series/parallel switch on the first volume control to keep it passive.I'm wondering if I should use 500 ohm or 250 ohm pots with the Ultra Jazzes since they are humbukers.Any opinions or other suggestions?Is it a good idea to change the pickups or would I be messing with a semi classic older bass?
  2. Beefbass

    Beefbass Guest

    Feb 4, 2001

    If you want more treble response, use 500K pots. I use 250K pots on my bass-I like more bottom end.

    I would suggest push/pull pots on both pickups, to give you a series/parallel option on both. It will stay passive, and provide a wide range of tones IMHO. :hyper:
  3. Thanks Beefbass,I'll keep that in mind.
  4. I had a guild pilot 5 and it was my main bass for about 12 years.I put in a bartolini preamp and at first batrolini pickups but I ended up replacing them with DiMarzio Ultra Jazz.The bass ended up sounding great.I like the Marcus Miller sound and I got real close with the Guild.Only reason I sold it was that I have a Moon JB5 now,also with Ultras and with a maple neck and it is even better than the Guild but the Guild is a great instrument, don't sell it!
  5. Thanks gimmeagig,that is just what I wanted to hear.I love playing this Guild,it just about plays itself and the small body is comfortable too.If I sold the Guild I'd have to spend another $500 to get something near as good.If I can make it sound like a good passive Jazz that would be great.I'll check out the push pull volume controls after I get my pickups.