ummmm.....not really bass amps...but advice on PA

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    Sep 10, 2000
    ok guys
    let's face it i'm poor!
    and our band needs practice so i was thinking of getting a cheap PA system for our singer cuz whenever we practice outside the studio, she gets drowned out by us. My brother left for college so i get his room for a boot-legged studio haha. and considereing that i don't have moneyy coming out of my ass, what cheap PA system do you think i should get?
    or can i even use a regular amp???
    thanks in advance
  2. You could use a regular amp for singing, that works. Did that some time ago.. looong time, but it works and if you have one to spare its a rather good solution if you only need one (maybe 2 ) inputs. Did this make any sense?


    Sep 10, 2000
    yeah powerful of a guitar amp do i need? cuz my 15 watt(yes very humble) bass amp will drown her out...should i just get a PA for like 200 or an amp? when i plug her mike into my bass amp there's like no volume...her voice is louder haha
    so what do you think?