Un-thrilled with my new Morley PBA-2 wah

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by eli, Mar 9, 2002.

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    Dec 12, 1999
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    So I was all excited because I actually FOUND one, and it was the only one they had and I had to work late and I didn't bring my bass and it was 8:55 pm when I finally got to the store SOOOO....

    I bought it without listening to it.

    So I get it home and it's... weird.

    It has two modes -- classic wah and "funk wah". Here's what they sound like:

    Classic wah sounds like it sends the incoming signal straight through, but then ADDS a second line that sounds like an active treble BOOST rather than the traditional wah treble cut. I don't know if that's what the circuitry actually does, but the end result is that the whole sound is harsh and unintegrated -- it almost sounds like two instruments playing the same part.

    The funk wah is even weirder. It has that same added/disconnected layer thing happening like the classic wah mode (strike one), and the thing that's added to the top is like some hyper-flange thing. It's controlled by the pedal but sounds more like a delay line. And not a smooth sweep -- with a long note and a realatively slow pedal sweep, the sound does that step-at-a-time overtone-series-sounding arpeggio kind of "ooo-aww-aahh-ehhh-eee-ehhh-aah-aww-ooo" thing. Very unsettling. Maybe someone else would like it but it definitely is NOT in my realm of usability.

    And the pedal is called "switchless" -- which means the treadle is spring-loaded to the toe-up position, and as soon as you rock it forward, the effect engages. Cool idea, but if you happen to rock nearly all the way back to toe-up position while you're trying to play, the effect momentarily disengages, and it's not a smooth-sounding transition. It's a noiseless switch, but the tone going back to uneffected signal is so different it sounds like a glitch.

    AND --Neither of the two modes is adjustable for tone or any other parameter AT ALL -- you only get what it sounds like, take it or leave it.

    So -- I'll leave it. It's going back to the store tomorrow. My advice: You may like it, but play it before you buy it. Bottom line (pun intended), my 3-year-old Morley PWV Wah-Volume is much more natural- and musical-sounding to my ear, and it has the volume mode also. It stays.