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Unclaimed pedalboard restart

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Cube Bass, Feb 23, 2021 at 11:35 AM.

  1. Cube Bass

    Cube Bass

    Feb 1, 2015
    Hello colleagues,
    almost all of my musical gear was stolen recently. Luckily - given the circumstances - I tracked down at least my electric bass and electric guitar, but the amp and pedalboard are gone.
    I have fought the GAS quite successfuly, but this situation (re)started the wheels again.. Building it again as it was would be frustrating. Probably would like to make the board smaller, some of the effects would be hard to hunt out again.. So I am contemplating about the new version and asking for opinions, comments, because as usual I will probably buy from abroad without chance to try and compare..

    Here is my former fx chain:
    Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Bass -> Red Witch Zeus (fuzz/octave) -> Pigtronix Polysaturator -> SolidgoldFX Beta (Onyx&Cream version) -> Red Witch Deluxe Moon Phaser -> Basswitch Sonic Spark booster -> Keeley Seafoam+ chorus -> Source Audio Nemesis delay

    Now, there were lots of dirt - I'd like to have less. For now I would like to focus on choice of comp, light drive and chorus.
    The Cali is nice, probably would not change it, but why not try something else in this situation. Can somebody compare with the new Empress Bass Comp already? It seams even bit more flexible with those separate attack and release controls and tone switch..
    Other than that I was considering Diamond Bass Comp - I realize it is something completely different, but..
    Light drive
    This one is always tricky. Got the Beta for this, but it was always more than light. Honestly I am quite lost in all those versions. The big DLX version looks cool because the internal trimmer (I have active bass, 18V) and other tweaking options, but seems hard to find in stock here in Europe. The Sonic Spark is nice but not exactly that - mostly used it as kind of an equalizer.
    I always wanted to try the Blueberry, which is almost impossible to get, but there is that One Control Blackberry version which should be cool, but almost no demos. Also the Fairfield Barbershop pops up in discussions on this topic. Want something that more than an audible drive thickens tone, but preserves the attack and does not muddy when more then one note at once is played.
    Didn't use Keeley as a classic chorus - there is nice mode which simulates doubletracking, even with plate reverb. And sometimes vibrato..
    However I am interested in Walrus Julianna because stereo, random LFO and other functions. Does anybody some experience with this on bass? Also considering Walrus Lillian phaser to pair, because I would probably not be able to buy that Red Witch again..

    I will probably get Empress ZOIA at some point, so some modulations will be done there. Maybe even delays because I am not sure if I need separate delay effect. Nemesis was great but honestly overkill for me - was using tape delay mode 90% of time..

    So, anyone? :)
    Thanks, Cube Bass
  2. Evil_Druid


    May 9, 2016
    San Diego
    see if you can try to find the Danelectro Breakdown overdrive for a good price. It’s not the most common pedal on people’s boards, but it does a great job at fattening and boosting on the first and second settings. It has a pleasing overdrive sound to my ear but it can get harsh sometimes with a high output bass. I bet it would do good after a compressor.
    ZOIA is pretty much a one stop shop for all modulation sounds/combinations of mod effects. I was interested to get one for a moment but realized I wanted individual modulation pedals that I could stack together on the fly rather than making loads of different presets for different combos of trem/phase/chorus/delay/etc
  3. Cube Bass

    Cube Bass

    Feb 1, 2015
    I didn't know that one - will check it out. A friend of mine had some cheap Danelectros (tremolo and delay) which didn't impress me, so I was not checking this brand since..
    I was considering ZOIA for some synth experiments before as it is practically modular synth in a stomp box. But it can be also a complex effect. It is not cheap but taking to account the multiple duty it is not that bad..
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  4. 4Mal

    4Mal Supporting Member

    Jun 2, 2002
    Columbia River Gorge
    Have you auditioned an HX Stomp ?
  5. Real Soon

    Real Soon

    Aug 15, 2013
    Atlanta, GA
    Sorry to hear it! Always sucks to have gear borrowed by some desperado or general miscreant.

    I might suggest checking out the Sushi Box Deep Dish compressor; there's a Sushi Box thread here and questions asked are very enthusiastically answered by us all.

    I'm pretty enamoured of the Damnation Audio MBD-2, and it's up there on my own GAS list. Flexible and transparent (or less so as dialed). Also... Sushi Box features some preamp & drive pedals that get thicker than week-old oatmeal, though they run one or more high-voltage tubes, so you gotta have the juice. I own two SB preamps and LOVE them.

    For chorus, the Iron Ether Polytope is a work of art, and I've heard some very high praise for the Julia too. The Alexander Wavelength, while needing TRS to get stereo, is a fun party pack of really excellent sounds. It won't go molasses slow, rate-wise, but gets fairly slow, and does the random S/H thing (and a lot of other waveforms).

    Delay, whew. So many options. Alexander actually has a good multi delay pedal too, the Quadrant Audio Mirror, which might fit a compact board nicely.
  6. Cube Bass

    Cube Bass

    Feb 1, 2015
    Yeah, it sucks a lot. But since those two instruments came back from this "borrow" I calmed down a bit (from the state "I am quiting!"). Now I have a bass and cab, but literally nothing in between, including cables..

    4Mal: Didn't auditioned it, as one can't get now in physical shop. Was wondering about some kind of this solution. Heard some bigger Helix on guitar at some concert and quite liked it (it was combined with other stuff). Personally in terms of multifx I had only Boss GT8 and was happy to get rid of it at the time. I am not some "analogue snob" - I know that the digital technology is a leap further.. How are you satisfied with it? Can you compare with analogue stomp boxes? Do you use it as is or combine it with something?

    Real Soon: Wow, quite a lot of other options. Some of the brands I didn't know of. Sushi Boxes look cool.. and hungry. :) Probably would be difficult to get one in Europe, but will check some demos. The preamp line looks appealing - which two do you have?
    Damnation Audio sounds (and looks) great. And is possible to be obtained in Europe. Already listened to some YT demos. Versatile, from light drive to total mayhem.
    I forgot about Polytope - was considering when choosing chorus few years ago.. And the Wavelength looks wild and are in stock at Thomann.. The thing with the Walrus chorus for me is (soundwise) irrational - it started like, hey there is an effect called like my child.. (No, she is not called Walrus.) And only then I learned, that it is actually quality chorus. :)

    Forgot that for chorusing effects (and more) I was also considering Deco by Strymon at one time..
    And just learned that the newer Beta mkII has two modes - in the preamp mode the drive circuit is disengaged and in the demo it sounds really good - fat but clean at the same time.. Oh, decisions, decisions..
  7. NoiseNinja

    NoiseNinja Experimental-psychedelic-ambient-noise-drone

    Feb 23, 2011
    Seeing you used the tape delay mode most of the time, how about the NUX Tape Core Deluze, which is an amazing digital Roland Space Echo tape delay emulation pedal, with access to all the control parameters of the original, plus more, via the software editor that can be downloaded for free on NUX's homepage, and build in tap tempo function, that can even be set to automatically activate whenever you step on the foot switch more than one time, instead of after holding it down for 2 seconds, as is the default mode, and which can be set to either sync accordingly to whatever note values you set for each of it's 3 emulated tape heads in the editor (different combinations of these 3 tape heads, including using just any single one of them alone, is set via the physical mode selector rotating switch on the pedal, plus an additional looper function mode), or to act in real time accordingly to the actual tempo you stomp the foot switch in, as well as it is possible to save 1 preset, which can be activated by the flick of a switch.

    Don't get fooled by it's relatively cheap price, in my opinion it is far better than the Boss pedal that also is supposed to emulate the Roland Space Echo, and sounds no short of amazing.

    This is how the pedal looks (in reality slightly smaller than a standard Boss pedal) :

    And this is how the software editor looks (as said the 3 emulated tape heads can either individually be set in the editor to sync accordingly to whatever note values you chose, or to react in real time to your stomps, when using the tap tempo function):
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2021 at 10:28 AM
  8. Cube Bass

    Cube Bass

    Feb 1, 2015
    Yes, definitely cheaper then Nemesis :) I will add the delay rather later.
  9. 4Mal

    4Mal Supporting Member

    Jun 2, 2002
    Columbia River Gorge
    I am aimed at a midi controlled thing... currently my chain is EQ2 to HX. Source Audio C4 or Spectrum, probably not both in FX Loop 1. Panda Audio Future Impact in FX Loop 2.

    I'm also using a Source Adpudio Soleman midi controller / switcher and neuro hub. This is mostly for synth patch management. Nor really necessary unless you are synth patch geek... with external 2 button boxes on the Soleman and Hx, I have 11 buttons to dedicate to functions though. This board will be highly automated when I'm done.

    I am more synth oriented than dirt. Nothing more than mild OD / B15'ish crunch works for me.
    The Eq2 provides
    • Input selection via midi
    • Limiting and HPF/LPF on each Input
    • Gain and EQ balancing for 2 basses
    • will provide tuner, once they fix a bug that prevents the tuner working on Input 2

    The HX will be
    • DI
    • Tuner (for the time being)
    • Midi Contoller 2
    • Modulation
    • Delay - though my Nemesis will be on board but dedicated to PA.
    • IR hosting
    1. URB for my acoustic bass guitars. I do a lot of acoustic support
    2. Amp model, something very traditional for blues and country dates. B15? Showman with a 2x12 ? Most other dates I won't bother I expect.

    The C4 provides
    • OC2 and Pitchfork
    • ARP like synth (Herbie's Chameleon sound)
    The FI provides
    • dirt
    • MOOG'like sounds (Gary Wright, My Love is Alive)
    I am nowhere close to having sorted out the sounds. I have the integration pretty well dialed and am now working on individual sound scenes.

    I have at various times run full analog boards with some boutiques. I used to have a 5 pedal chain to get to a mediocre approximation of 1 patch on the FI... and that was nothing but a Pita... move one knob on one pedal an iota too far or not far enough and the MF101 would go berserk, or just not do much of anything...

    So is the Hx the be all and end all ? Not by a long shot but it has a lot of power and the organization opportunities are there. If someone was say a dirt cork sniffer in the way that I'm a synth corksniffer ;-) then I could see a couple of boutique dirt pedals in the loops. With an Hx, you have a patch of preset that has 3 snapshots. each snapshot can represent an effects chain and have it's own unique order as to where each effect lives in thr chain. The Efx loops are a part of that. So dirt before delay? delay before dirt? Yes. Just step on a switch... and it is easy... very intuitive.
  10. Cube Bass

    Cube Bass

    Feb 1, 2015
    Well, I informed myself more about the HX Stomp and watched some demos, studied the manual a little.
    Didn’t realize this thing could be so capable – definitely was sniffing some cork after that GT8 experience in terms of digital processors. Mainly this whole IR thing wasn’t thing at that time. For a long time I thought of it only as a convolution reverb tool. For example didn’t realized til now it could work as upright bass simulation as well. My acoustic fretless was also stolen anyway, so…
    Yes, I would still prefer some analogue compressor and drive to implement somewhere in the chain. As well as a DI box on the output..
    How do you power it in your pedalboard? Do you power it separately or via some multi-power supply? I already learned that it is quite hungry on paper and that it is not really drawing those 3000mA and could be powered by current doubler cable by two outputs for example from Cioks DC7 which I was considering before. Do you know something about this?
    (Also realized that I didn't hear the Helix on that concert mentioned before. Searched it today and that guy uses crazy setup with two M13s.)
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    Feb 28, 2021

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