Unidentified Levinson Blade Limited.

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Artie Langston, Apr 23, 2021.

  1. Has anyone ever seen a Levinson Limited Blade like this one? I can't find a single picture of one like it anywhere. EMG style pickups branded Levinson, and the pick guard like his very early Telecasters. A friend of mine who is not a bass player got this on a trade only to find that it had a broken truss rod, and he gifted it to me. Someone had converted it to a fretless, (Yay!) and not only was the rod broken, but in the process, they actually cracked the neck. I removed the ebony fingerboard, repaired the crack, and installed a dual action Hot Rod from StewMac. Since the neck finish was damaged already, I took just it off, steel wooled it with 0000, and rubbed it down good with boiled linseed oil, like a violin or cello neck. I also routed a Lakland type slot for the truss rod adjustment. It's insane to have to remove the neck to adjust it, especially with a fretless, and speaking of which, there is no battery box. Presently, you have to remove the access plate. Weird little preamp that's directly fastened to the volume pot. Only 2 knobs and 2 switched, a tiny one, and a larger one. I'm sure this was made in Japan for Levinson in the late 80s. Any info appreciated, especially about the electronics.