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    Knowing full well that one man's obscurity is another man's heavy rotation...while for me The Flamin' Groovies, Big Star, solo Scott Walker, Fred Frith, Yma Sumac, Nick Drake, Moondog, Betty Davis, The Creation, The Birds, The Poets, Sonics, Monks, Hasil Adkins, Francoise Hardy, Young Jesse, Geeshie Wiley, etc, etc etc, to name just a few, are practically top 40 for me, most would go "huh?". There are recordings out there, not only under the radar, but stuck in a bottom drawer of the desk that the radar screen sits on. Even from a big name or two, or people that went on to a little bit of notoriety. I'll just start throwing some stuff out at you, I'd love to hear what you got. You learn something new every day, and quite frankly, life's too short to keep listening to classic rock(not that I've bothered)...

    OK, let's start...what does Frank Sinatra and Led Zeppelin have in common? Anyone... Bueller? They've both performed/recorded material written by Jake Holmes. You know, Jake Holmes, the guy who originally wrote "Dazed and Confused". Now, I'm not going to go down the rabbit hole of that saga, but suffice it to say that phone calls were made, settlements were eventually reached, on so on. After Frankie had a pop comeback with "Strangers In The Night", "That's Life", and "Something Stupid" in the mid-60's, Reprise thought maybe it would be a good move for him to do something real contemporary, something rockish, and as The Chairman had kinda pioneered the 'concept' album 10 years previous with "Where Are You?" and "No One Cares", he was hooked up with Holmes, who had been in a night club act with Joan Rivers--I kid you not--and had co-written The Four Season's attempt at a groovie concept album with the Jersey Boys' resident genius, Bob Gaudio. So they cobbled together this song cycle about some mope whose wife and kids had left him. Of course, it bombed; the worse selling record in Frank's career, but in hindsight a pretty cool experiment, he did deliver the goods, but no one was ready for it. Here's a couple of samplings...

    It fits in nicely with all that weird Lee Hazelwood stuff recorded in Sweden.

    Did you know there was punk band in Oklahoma in the early 70's. Naw? Well, maybe not textbook punk, but the mid-70's dissatisfaction with mainstream rock wasn't confined to The Bowery and CBGB's, and, after all, none of the bands that put that dump on the map sounded remotely alike. There were little pockets of resistance, not necessarily in huge population centers, but in places like Cleveland with Rocket from the Tombs(which split into Pere Ubu and The Dead Boys)and Toronto with Simply Saucer, to name a couple of examples. Bands that took inspiration from not only the usual suspects like The Velvet Underground, Stooges, Dolls, MC5, Bowie, Roxy, but snippets of Beefheart, Zappa, Hawkwind, solo Eno, even The Sonics or Monks if they knew about them, let alone everything on Lenny Kaye's "Nuggets" collection, and mixed up a mutant stew. But being in the boondocks means that there wasn't too much of an audience. Such was the case with Debris...

    I can only imagine what the local cowboys thought of that...

    Did you know that there was a Kate Bush album that came out in 1973? Well, not really; while she was a prodigy, it would take a couple of more years before David Gilmour discovered her. But this American trio certainly had the sound prefigured...

    Chunky, Novi, and Ernie were in a Pittsburgh band, Rebecca and the Sunnybrook Farmers. An album was put out, didn't go anywhere, so these three migrated to LA, got signed to Reprise, and the label put John Cale and Ted Templeman in charge of the recording. It was overlooked, they sporadically issued a couple more titles and called it a day. Vocalist/keyboardist Lauren Wood went deeply into songwriting, eventually scoring a hit on the "Pretty Woman" soundtrack. Her viola playing cousin, Novi Novog, went on to do a massive amount of session work. You have heard her, from The Doobie Brothers' "Black Water" to Prince's "Raspberry Beret". In the late 80's into the 90's she and Stick playing mate Larry Tuttle had a pop/jazz/new age outfit called Freeway Philharmonic. Ernie didn't do too much after, and recently passed away. OK, so, I think I've overloaded this post, I'll be back later with more.
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    Ramatam was a 1970s band featuring Mike Pinera on guitar and vocals, April Lawton on lead guitar, and, for a short time, Mitch Mitchell on drums.

    Ramatam was notable for having Lawton, a female lead guitarist. Pinera was known for his work with Blues Image ("Ride Captain Ride") and later Iron Butterfly. Mitchell had been a member of The Jimi Hendrix Experience. The group also included some former members of Janis Joplin's Big Brother and the Holding Company.

    Mitchell's departure came before the band released its second and final album, In April Came the Dawning of the Red Suns (1973). Pinera left the band after claiming Lawton, who wanted both Pinera and Mitchell out, wanted to turn Ramatam into the "April Lawton Band." Pinera and Mitchell departed from the band at that point, leaving the focus entirely on Lawton. Jimmy Walker replaced Mitchell at that point and they recorded their second album "In April Came the Dawning of the Red Suns" along with Tommy Sullivan on Bass. The band, shortly thereafter, fractured under the pressure of business and musical direction and broke up in 1974.

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