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unique WIRING job - Aguilar OBP-2, AG 4P-60's - question

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by drewallsbrook, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. drewallsbrook


    Dec 29, 2013
    I got a Aguilar OBP-2 and AG 4P-60's and I want to wire them the following way with only two knobs:

    (1) Volume (push/pull) active/passive,
    (2) Tone (stacked) for bass and treble,

    *** ideally one of the tone knobs could still control tone when preamp is bypassed...

    Any suggestions or diagrams?

    I'm in the Los Angeles area if you know of someone who's great at this
  2. That's basically a standard scheme. Use the second diagram in this link, and omit the blend pot. Concentric pots are wired like regular pots, and push/pull pots simply combine a pot and a switch on one component. The pin layouts are the same.

    You did not specify your means of pickup selection, however. Pickup selector switch? Parallel hardwire? Series hardwire?
  3. Since the preamp will be bypassed, there will be no tone controls in passive mode. If you wanted a standard passive tone control, that will require another pot.

    There are a couple of specialized preamps, such as the Dingwall-modded OBP-1 on Dingwall basses, that have a treble control with an active boost and passive cut. This is done with custom pots that I have yet to find a source for, outside of paying MEC ($90, IIRC) to manufacture one, or having them custom manufactured in large quantity. Unfortunately, Dingwall does not sells theirs. And modifying a standard pot is almost impossible, as you need a dual ganged pot with the sweep of each gang spread across only half of the rotation.