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  1. Hey,

    For my independant study at university I have to write a 5000 word essay on a subject of my choice. I have choosen to base it around the advertisment of music. Looking how the alternative music scene is becoming more and more mainstream. How through the 90's its become a more acceptable genre for all agesto listen to and how it has been marketed to try and boost sales to compete with the pop music charts.

    Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

    A few questions i would like to ask are.!
    1) What sort of advertising medium do you think are the most effective in tryin to plug anew album.?

    2) How do you think the big bands pull so man record sales? Is it because of their longevity, radio air time, tv apperances, focal advertisment (posters, instore displays)

    3) why do you think some bands make it big and other stay underground even though the musical content is equally as good.

    4) looking at record sales its obvious that there is some sort of cleaver advertisment that makes people go out and buy the popular records week after week. the music machine controls most of what is played on radio and music shows. Is it because in the alternative section the music is marketed as a product where in the popular scene the people are also marketed as a product.?
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    Seattle, WA
    For me- word of mouth, although I barely buy newer albums.

    Well it isn't quality. Size of rack/bulge?

    Size of Rack/Bulge

    So what's the question?
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