Univox 1561 info?

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  1. i was offered a Univox 1561 amp in trade. my question is not one of value, but i've never heard one of these. anyone have any experiences, complaints or opinions on this amp? i know it has 150 watts and 6550's and has been serviced, looks to be in excellent condition and i do believe the seller to be trustworthy.
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  3. actually, funny story......that's the exact one. the guy who offered the trade to me, bought it off reverb.com and sent me that link. i don't think i have much to lose. i'll give it a go, see what happens.
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    It's been ages since I've heard one of those heads -- guy in my band had one circa 1975 or '76 I think -- so I don't really remember what it sounded like. But I do distinctly recall that when he traded that Univox in towards an Ampeg his tone improved substantially.
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    It's the same amplifier as the Univox 1061 sans a few resistors and some 6L6. If you took the 1561 label off the back it would be a 1061 chassis. The amps are cousins of the typical Bassmans and Marshalls of their day. It's not a clone of anything but the family resemblance is there.

    I have a 1061 I modded to run 6550's a la 1561 spec. (I also doubled the first stage filter caps to 200uF's.) It's a neat amp with a lot of power, more than my VT-22 (V4). Both amps can sound absolutely gorgeous but the Univox's power can get lost if you set your EQ at 5-5-5 and go with the Fender-y tone stack. I keep my bass knob low, mid dimed, and season with treble and/or high boost. It sounds amazing on some E140's.
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  6. thanks guys! i have an svt and a mesa m6. i don't expect it to blow the doors off those, but i was curious about it. it would be a straight up trade, so i'm not out anything if i try it. i might even let my guitar player try it out. i keep hearing comparisons to the sunn model t and marshall super bass. was curious if there was any similarities there?
    sounds like it was originally intended for guitar, but could sound good with bass? i think there would be WAY too much power for me to just noodle around with at home on guitar.
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    I went to the Univox headquarters on Long Island in the mid-'70s and spoke to the guy who designed those amps. He said that they're essentially Japanese Marshalls built with much better quality components.
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  8. awesome! thanks for the response!!!

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