Univox Hi-Flier Wiring Problem

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  1. Hi. I'm fixing up my Univox Hi-Flier but I don't know very much about how to wire a guitar but if someone tells me what I need to do I can do it.
    Here is a quick diagram of what it currently looks like. What I need is for someone to tell me, or show me, what it needs to look like.

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    You may get a more helpful response, but the thing that jumps out at me is that the lower pot isn't connected to anything.

    There generally isn't anything special about the wiring in brand X vs. brand Y, especially after an instrument has been in service 30+ years and may have been messed with.

    Fender makes their bass wiring diagrams available at http://www.fender.com/support/articles/bass-guitar-service-diagrams and if you look for one with the three-position pickup selector switch in it, you can use that diagram.

    Here's a resource that's set up by the number of pickups - which may be more helpful to you: http://www.guitarelectronics.com/ca...es_guitar_wiring_diagrams.guitar_wiring_mods/

    And more bass info: http://www.buzzardsbass.com/electronics/wiring/diagrams.html

    And here's some general info: http://www.guitarnucleus.com/wiring.html
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    So looks like this:

    The pot that is wired up is the volume. The other is the tone. Tone was taken out of the loop at some point -- some people do that by preference.

    - There should be a wire from the bridge to the back of the volume pot. The wire marked "unconnected" could be serving that purpose (that is, connect that wire to the bridge; or it could have been connected to the back of the tone pot, with a different wire going from the bridge to the volume back...they all achieve the same basic result)
    - There should be a wire from the back of the volume pot to the back of the tone pot (there are other ways to do this -- and some options as noted above -- but that's the common/easiest one).
    - From your diagram, think about the lugs on the volume pot as being numbered 1-3, left to right. Connect a wire from either 1 or 2 to either of the free lugs on the tone pot -- which lug will just dictate whether you get brighter or darker when you dial the pot forward.

    That should take care of it. But check the diagrams the others posted -- that will help you get a better grip on this stuff if you need to replace anything, change the arrangement, etc.

    Good luck!
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