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Unorthodox Bass Amplification

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Bassline_Delux, Feb 5, 2004.

  1. I'm looking to buy a 1x15 cab for my rig, and I've stumbled across an interesting option. PA Speaker Cabinets seem to be really much cheaper than 'Bass Cabinets'-per se (sp) I was wonderign anyone use any PA speakers in their rig? They sound ant good?
  2. I raneden 210xlt with a yorkville 2x18 for a couple of shows. It sounded sweet!!! I think PA speakers work really well for low end.
  3. Petebass


    Dec 22, 2002
    QLD Australia
    It because many PA 15's only go down to 50 or 60Hz. If that's deep enough for you, then go for it. You'll find the PA cabs are also voiced differently. Remember they're designed for reproducing recorded music and/or mixed bands. Try playing a CD through your bass rig to get a feel for the different voicing of a bass cab.
  4. jbay


    May 23, 2002
    I'm running a pair of Wharfedale Pro 15" PA cabs out of a 300W per channel (8 ohms) poweramp. Sometimes I wish I could turn off the horns though... :) Afterall, in most live situations, u would largely be heard by the audience via the house PA anyway.
  5. So, if I can find a PA cab that can handle a low B I should go for it then?
  6. Jon Burnet

    Jon Burnet

    Jan 21, 2001
    Memphis, TN
    jt uses a yamaha sub to run his 7's through... sounds great and i believe goes down below 32hz
  7. kmacleish


    Nov 19, 2003
    Atlanta, GA
    Not necessarily, since that is only one aspect (albeit an important one for 5-string players), and you should be concerned with the overall sound you get.

    I use an Epifani T-310 and a JBL MPro MP418S (18" sub) where very low and very loud sounds are needed. The Epifani alone is only slightly less capable. I don't think that you will find big savings by using PA cabinets, since the ancient rule of "You get what you pay for" always applies. There is no magic that will make a cheap PA cabinet sound better than an expensive bass guitar cabinet. There are real reasons (audible ones) why Epifani/Bergantino/Euphonic/Accugroove etc. cost a lot.
  8. Jim Dombrowski

    Jim Dombrowski Supporting Member

    Jan 16, 2002
    Colorado Springs, CO
    While a PA cabinet may sound good, the driver needs to hold up physically to the extreme cone excursions that bass guitar creates. A bass cabinet has a speaker that is designed for bass guitar.
  9. Hemmingbyrd


    Feb 6, 2004
    I found putting an EV SX200 (1-12" w/ pretty serious horn.) PA cab on top of my 1"15 Trace cab is very cool! The EV angles up so highs and mids come right at you.Hey you can always eq out full range sound if you want, but you cant eq it into a non full range system. ps this is not biamped and works great w/ Trace 350 watt 12 band amp!
  10. cods


    Sep 16, 2003
    how many hertz is a low b?
  11. Jim Dombrowski

    Jim Dombrowski Supporting Member

    Jan 16, 2002
    Colorado Springs, CO
    30 Hz
  12. Petebass


    Dec 22, 2002
    QLD Australia
    Yes but around here the house PA's have subs.

    Also I often hear bass players complain about the bass sound after attending a live performance as a spectator. The common cry is "it was all mushy with no definition. The sound guy must have had all the mids and highs turned down". As a sometimes sound engineer, I can assure you that's not the case. It's just that speaker systems designed for smooth music reproduction produce that type of sound.

    I say again, run a CD through your bass rig and listen to how it sounds. Try to EQ it until it sounds nice and you'll be surprised what the EQ curve looks like.

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