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  1. I've started downloading MIDI song files to use in Cubase SE so that I can learn the bass lines. I start with the Bass score in view, and I work up to no score and bass channel muted.

    Several songs that I have downloaded have been packed into one MIDI channel, and although my PC is able to play each note with the right instrument sound, I cannot get at the bass part.

    Is there a utility (preferably free) that will take a one-track MIDI file and break it out into one track per instrument?
  2. Is that a definite 'no', or are you still thinking about it?
  3. I took my query to a MIDI forum, and I got an answer within 24 hrs. For anyone who is travelling the same road:

    MIDI files recorded on several separate tracks are format 1. MIDI files merged onto 1 track are format 0. In Cubase, to un-merge tracks from format 0 to format 1 you use [dissolve] on the MIDI function menu.

    If your MIDI player/sequencer cannot convert from format 0 to format 1, there are several utilities that will do it for you, e.g.

    Hope this helps someone besides me.
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    I don't personally need it right now, but sounds like useful information. Thanks for sharing.