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(unpronounceable) Live in Berkeley - January 5, 2006

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by Dave Grossman, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. We recorded our last gig in Berkeley last week. It came out pretty good for a couple of microphones in the audience.


    We hadn't played since last January when we got this gig. We had about a month to write some new material (since I decided not to do live bass looping this time). There are some mistakes in there and the first song is kinda f'd up since that was our sound check. :( I couldn't hear myself so well so I messed up a lot.

    I think the gig went 80% well which I consider to be a success. :D

    Our web site is at http://www.unpronounceable.com/

    - Dave
  2. Thanks! My performance is far from perfect in those recordings. I pushed the beat a lot which bugs me. I will have to be more concious of that. I couldn't hear the drums as well as I needed to. Perhaps that was part of the problem. We didn't get a sound check so the whole first song was our sound check. I never did get my monitor mix right and they only miked the snare and kick drums anyway.

    Still, I think we had some good parts in there. I decided to post it entirely unedited (except for chopping the tunes out).

    If you guys like this stuff, I'll post more. We have hundreds of hours of studio rehearsal stuff too..

    - Dave
  3. Well, we got one response.

    Does it really suck so bad?

    - Dave
  4. I certainly enjoy it. Nice chops, nice riffs.