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Unsure about playing

Discussion in 'General Instruction [BG]' started by ergodynebass, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. Lets see.. lately I've really been wanting to get into a band or something but I have a problem. For one I am a very shy person and it's hard for me to get up on a stage infront of even 100 people. That I could probably manage after time I'm sure. I have been playing for about 7 years, took lessons for 2 but for some reason I just feel like I'm not good enough even though I see these guys on stage that obviously don't know what they are doing.

    One time some friends invited me over to jam so I decided to come along and I really didn't know the song but they continued jamming and just said I suck afterwards even though I was blending in quite nicely. Just because I didn't know how to play the song like whatever bass player in the band played it exactly like. I have sort of wanted to be in the church band for a while however some of them are actually pretty good and I don't think I could manage playing that well. There has been a few other people approach me on playing but I don't like the music that they play I just feel like I can't find the right band I want to play in but I want to so I can learn more about this awesome instrument. Any suggestions on what to try here?
  2. Try getting some new friends. As for your playing, nothing will make you more comfortable performing than doing it. Just get out there and soon it will be old hat.
  3. DocBop


    Feb 22, 2007
    Los Angeles, CA
    Jams are where you go to find out about your playing and have a good time. There is no audience to care about pleasing. So if you friends say you suck they are being jerks, but they went through the same thing maybe even the week before. :D I would say take what they said with a grain of salt and learn from the experience. Every time you play is a learning opportunity use it to your advantage, but don't let it stop you. It these guys are to into themselves or thinks jam are suppose to be about parroting a record, find another jam. Just keep pushing. The same stuff goes on at Cut Session (jams for pro's.) Guy trying to get their name known sit in and play, if they play bad they may not be asked to play again for six months. People will say the cat can't cut it. But you go to the woodshed and work and come back and get on that stage again. You will develop a thick skin over time and realize its just part of the game.

    As for church don't worry going in and play roots if you have to, it to is a learning ground. These are church players they should act like they are church people give you a chance, and then if doesn't work out then some constructive critism and say come back when you feel you want to give it a go again.

    No matter how much you practice at home, no matter how good you are at home, playing with others is totally different. You have to learn to get out and play with other musicians just they way you learn to play bass. Playing with others is another skill to gain and can only be learned by doing it.
  4. Thanks this is what I needed. I seem to want to play more than just roots when I play but end up messing up the timing or hitting the wrong note. See what I think is peoples perceptions is they think that I'm better than I am because of the length of how long I've been playing so they expect more. In reality I think it's more how long you have played with a band that makes it over how long you took lessons or played to a song on the radio. Yeah I know you learn by doing getting in there and feeling the groove and timing. I actually just talked to someone from a band that wants me to come jam next Saturday, unfortunately it isn't the exact music I want to play (some heavy drop C type metal) but I might give it a shot, the rest of the musicians aren't that great so I'm likely to fit in possibly.

    As for the church thing, the good thing about that is you actually have sheet music for it. A problem with that is their practice time is before I get off work so I'd be coming in late or not be able to do that.

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