Unusual businesses that are actually increasing during a pandemic.

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    So, my vehicle's stereo played out on me recently. As such, I needed a new one installed. I repair and calibrate medical equipment so I probably could have done it. But it wasn't worth the aggravation. So I went to a car stereo place.

    They were NUTS in there. Customers were lined up. I heard the owner say that the car audio business has been INSANE across the country for a few months. I can't figure it out. Why would that be? Are people literally blowing their stimulus checks on car audio? He said that they can't keep up with demand. I also heard him tell a customer on the phone that his next window tinting appointment was July 22nd.

    Conventional wisdom would tell me that with so many people out of work the car audio biz would be struggling. But he said that he's currently doing the most business by far in his 35 years of owning the store.

    I was blown away by that. Are there any other business you guys are aware of that seem to be doing ridiculously well during the pandemic that don't make logical sense?

    I get why Amazon is going nuts. People are shopping from home. Duh. I get why all of the streaming platforms are going nuts. People are entertaining themselves at home. Sure.

    But car audio? That just blows my mind.

    Another one I'm hearing in Eastern NC is real estate. Our local market is going nuts. Down at the beach, I had lunch with a local realtor who said there aren't enough houses to sell. Really? In an economic downturn coastal real estate is going nuts? He said that the "half million" range of beach houses is insane. People were driving up and down the canal streets asking people if they wanted to sell their houses. I don't understand that at all. People are suddenly in the position to buy a second home for a half million and they weren't LAST Summer when the economy was crazy good?

    How about you? Have you heard from a business owner about a business that is thriving even during this crazy economy? I never would have seen real estate and car audio coming. But, apparently, they're both in demand like never before right now.
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    My oldest daughter works for an international web services company, Website Builder for Professionals - Duda

    She says when the virus hit, it became clear to many companies that they needed a web presence and services NOW, not a few months from now. If you don't have an appropriate web presence, you aren't doing business. This means everyone from freelancers up through major business frms.

    Their business immediately picked up substantially as soon as closures started and has sustained at a high level.
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    Maybe the car audio place recently went into business with the mob and those guys are out stealing radios every night?
    Other than that, I got nothing.
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    The car audio thing kinda makes sense. I was listening to the news on the radio the other morning, and they had a bit about what people were doing to avoid going stir crazy due to being stuck at home for months on end. One of the things that people were doing was going out and sitting in their car and listening to the stereo---just to get away and have some time to themselves.

    I get that. I spent almost all my time in high school doing the same thing.
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  7. My realtor friends have been saying the local housing market is extra ordinary hot right now. You first go on the net to preview homes via a virtual tour. If then interested in particular homes, they arrange a private showing for you. Who would have known?
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  8. Yes, housing is on a high trend here too. And aside from the virus crap show there is a paper mill closing down that will eliminate about 900 jobs. And I don't mean just homes for sale, they are selling as fast as they come up, I don't get it.
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    A house down the street from me went up for sale this past Friday. I thought “Well good luck with that”.

    Monday it had a PENDING SALE sign.
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  10. Real estate has gone nuts. Houses list and sell in a couple of days. It's not unusual for people to buy houses sight unseen, here, the instant one lists that they like and can afford.
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  13. I talked to a former coworker a few days ago. He now works for UPS. I asked if covid-19 had affected them. He said it has been like the Christmas rush with no sign of letting up.
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    A friend of mine works for them 2nd shift. He drives overnight packages from here to a large hub in Raleigh. He's gone up two truck sizes in the last couple of months. Next stop, CDL license.
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    My brother-in-law owns and operates a Music store with two locations. He is selling things like crazy and running out of stuff like basses because they are all back ordered.
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    Interesting. I wonder what's driving that market.
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  17. I don't know whether this fits 100%, but my luthier's repair waiting list is 4 weeks now for most of the clients. Very happy I am for him, a good man and a fine craftsman.
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    If you’re not being sarcastic-
    We live in an area with a large LDS population. What do the Saints do when they get stuck at home? Practice music!

    If you are being sarcastic- Well played!
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    Feb 7, 2005
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    Actually, I wasn't. I didn't know about the LDS population in your area, or their propensity toward musical things. I was genuinely curious.
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    I wish they'd quit. My dog sleeps in the basement, in fear, every night for the last two month.