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Upgrade on the horizons

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by projectBdaddy8, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. I have an ibanez gsr-200. a very good beginner bass. anyways i was thinking about totally upgrading the electronics and pickups. because: i like teh feel of the bass, it holds tune suprisingly well, and i cant afford to buy a new bass.....i would sell this one to help, but it doesn't have much value. And it seems that most people would agree that ibanez stocks their basses with pretty crappy electronics. anyway...

    Question #1: do you guys think that it would be worth upgrading if i like the look, feel, and playability of hte bass, but dont like its limited tonal characteristics?

    Question #2: if you answered yes to the above, what pickup combination should i use. this bass came with a jazz and the bridge, and a p-style at the neck. i would like to use a MM style humbucker and jazz pickups, but the only solution i can come up with is teh have the MM where the p-style is, but ive never seen a humbucker that high. unless there is some other way i can deal with the cavity. if there is then it would make the job of getting the perfect combination easier. i just dont want it to look like crap afterwards. yeah, well any insight into this situation would be greatly appreciated, and feel free to ask any questions that come to mind.

    btw....if youre tempted to ask if i know how to do this stuff stop right now!! everyone has to learn sometime...and this is the perfect opportunity, since i wouldn't be losing much. but if you want to offer advice id be glad to hear it.

  2. what kind of sonic characteristics would two mm's provide...just out of curiosity.

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