upgrade restoration (finally got my dream bass)

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  1. dreadheadbass


    Dec 17, 2007
    hello guys n girls a few might be aware i was desperatly searching for an aria pro zzb.... well i finally got one and cheap too only one snag its in a horrid red colour and a bit worn out

    these bass's aint worth a lot even if they are all vintage so i'm going to upgrade mine and turn it into the ultimate axe i could just use a few tips and tricks regarding components and hardware

    ok lets start at the top and work down

    headstock: needs decent machine heads, which would you recomend?

    : new nut needed as well as a re-fret anyone recomend a good nut? and i'm thinking jumbo frets for this sucker

    body: it needs stripping and painting i'm thinking maybe white seen as all my other bass's are black

    electronics: neck pickup definatly a duncan seymour quater pounder what would work well with it for the bringe pickup?

    bridge: would a badass 2 fit on this thing? if not any other suggestions welcome

    other ideas: i'm thinking of painting the neck too (all white) if your unsure what this looks like take a look at the old rickenbacker tuxedo's i'm also thinkin of airbrushin the body with either black piping round the edges or a portrait of rasputin
    but i'm unsure about this

    oh and finally i play a lot of heavy metal/power metal and i use heavy guage flats if that helps you decide on anything;)