No longer available Upgraded Lakland 55-01 Under 9lbs!! Final Price Drop!

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    May 8, 2012
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    Up for your consideration is a seriously upgraded Lakland 55-01. This bass has the Bartolini USA NTMB Preamp as well as Bartolini USA MK5 Pickups. This is a HUGE electronics upgrade and this bass sings because of it. The knobs are also upgraded Lakland knobs, which makes adjusting your on board eq a bit easier. I have the original knobs and can include with purchase. I also have sticker inlays on the bass that come off quite easily if you don't like the look.

    The bass does have one small finish flaw. There is a crack in the clear coat right where you rest your right arm on the cutaway. It was like this when I bought it and obviously does not effect the playability of the bass in any way. I have done my best to photograph it, but it is difficult to see unless you are holding the bass. She's not a case queen, but this is a phenomenal bass and plays better than any 5 string I have owned.

    Price is NOW $650 Buyer pays actual shipping in an gig bag to the contiguous 48. As far as why am I selling? I'm really wanting to gravitate back towards 4 strings. I miss my jazz bass!

    As far as trades go, I would be interested primarily in 4 string jazz basses. I really miss my Fender Marcus Miller jazz bass and would love to trade for another one. I also miss my fretless Jazz. I really adore Japanese Fenders as well. I'm fairly open to anything though even +/- cash basses. Throw me an offer...the worst I can do is say no! Trade value is more in the ball park of $750 or so.

    And to answer the unspoken question, just under 9lbs on my digital bathroom scale!

    Please PM me with all offers to keep the thread clean. Thanks for looking.

    IMG_6393.jpg IMG_6394.jpg IMG_6395.jpg IMG_6396.jpg IMG_6398.jpg IMG_6399.jpg IMG_6400.jpg
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    Oh wow. Just WOW!
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    May 8, 2012
    Boise, ID
    I can’t believe it’s still here....I really priced it to move!