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Upgrading an EBS Gorm w/an LDS Airhead.

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Johno Dunn, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. Johno Dunn

    Johno Dunn Supporting Member

    Mar 22, 2007
    Carpinteria, Ca.
    Ok, so I have an older, slightly beat EBS Gorm 2x10 combo that I want to have Don @ LowDownSound build me an Airhead cab for. My goal is to go lighter (the Gorm currently weighs in at 79 lbs.), and get away from the 2x10 set up. I play a fretless Kubicki X-Factor using the passive, flat setting. I have a Digitech BP8 that I run through the loop and is bassicly only a tuner, and EQ enhancement (4 band, parametric) and occasional effects.
    I play in a quintet (bass, drums, guitar, keys and sax) that plays funky jazz originals, and a trio that does Bill Frisell type jazz.

    So to get lighter, I'm going w/Neo's, and I'm leaning toward a B & C 12" and an 8" coaxial. I'm looking for a warmer low end and a punchier low mid w/enhanced Muaw, and ghost notes that rally jump out.

    Any one, got any suggestions on an alternate speaker configuration, or do you guys think I'm on the right track?

    Thanks for your input,

  2. Johno Dunn

    Johno Dunn Supporting Member

    Mar 22, 2007
    Carpinteria, Ca.
    bump w/new title.

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