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Upgrading Rock Bass Corvette Electronics Questions

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by vapochilled, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. They're fairly simple. Active pickups w/ active electronics. Now for what I want to do. Personally I'm tired of the sound for me. I like the shape of it and don't have the money to blow buying a "Real Warwick". I'd rather buy an an AMpeg 410 & an AMpeg 610 at a local pawn shop for less than a passive Warwick Corvette goes for. I'd like to up grade the pickups in it right.

    Is there any reseason why I couldn't or should not switch to passive pickups? And keep the onboard electronic pre-amp style active electronics. The pre amp in it is similar to the Aguilar OBP style, as in it it is a black box with a bunch of wires. Currently all I want to do it swap pickups.

    Or do you think with my current setup Mesa Walkabout Head with BA210 Behringer & a BA115 Behringer aluminum cone cabs w/ horns. Would different pickups help more than AMpeg 610. A note on this cab. It's currently in a pawn thats in an area where gangstar rap is well, more predominate than real tallent. (I call it "gangstar", because its more of a rapper in place of pop star, for ad campaignes anymore. Which works to keep that neighborhood broke.)

    So the cab hasen't really drawn any attention. I don't want to give it any untill I have enought money to ball them down in price. Then I'll bring in my bass and Walkabout head. And test it, to be sure or sound quality. As far as on the exterior. It's cleaner than to ones at Guitar Center. (they dust at this pawn shop)

    Thanks for the input