Upgrading Spector Rebop.

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  1. I have changed my mind on what bass to yet get again but I am actually getting this one.

    I am goin to get a rebop and im going to up grade it with EMG DC 35's Im just stumped on what pre amp to get. I was think Aguilar OBP-1 but im not sure.

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    May 8, 2005
    I've had preamps in different basses including a Spector NS-94 that I upgraded with a "real" EMG system. BE CAREFUL! A good electronic system will not make a weak bass sound great and I learned this after an investment of a few hundred bucks. Think of the p-ups and preamp as a microphone-they can't reproduce a solid fundamantal that simply is not there. The EMG preamps can easily go 9 or 18 volt and also have micro-switches to alter the center of the treble control; very cool! Bartolini's BT has huge range of boost/cut and you absolutely can't lose with Aguilar, but caution again...one of their preamps is boost only, but I think the newer 3-band has boost and cut.
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    If you get a chance, experiment with different EMG Pickups with extended housing. I went double DC for awhile, found I didn't like one in the bridge spot, and changed over to a CS there..others like the CS in the neck spot, and the DC at the bridge! You can get a P or J pickup in the extended series as well.

    As far as electronics, I like the BQ and BT tone circuits. I find Barts and MEC not to my liking, just can't dial in a tone I like with them, where it's really easy with the EMG, IME. Then again, I'm an EMG guy from way back, from when I played the skinny strings, so that's not surprising...