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  1. I've been doing rattle-can refinishes for a few years now, meaning I've been just hooking stripped bodies up to a coat hanger in my garage to paint and my workbench is an old empty speaker box with a towel over it.

    I've been earning significantly more money with my latest job, and I'd like to improve my workspace this christmas and take the hobby to the next level.

    I have a good heat gun, soldering iron, hand tools, sander, all that stuff, but my next step is to get a decent electric HVLP sprayer, a new bench, and a new source for non-aerosol paints. My price range for the spray gun is probably up to $400 or so. Any input on good products or advice on stuff I hadn't considered would be welcome. Keep in mind, I won't be making anything from scratch-this is purely a refinishing/upgrading/restoring hobby.
  2. Using water based products for instrument finishing, Target Coatings 9000 6000 and Varathane WB

    The whole thread is a decent read but you could skip up to the part where we started using Varathane Ultimate finish. Somewhere around the middle of last year. The Varathane is good stuff. Even I can do a decent finish with it! :D

    Edit: it looks like Bruce first mentions the Varathane most of us have been using in post #919. There is some good info about sanding and buffing before that, however.
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    I fully agree with @Matt Liebenau. Check out that awesome thread :)

    You can definitely get a decent setup with your budget. The compressor can be the most expensive piece of it unless you got one of the turbine kits. I use a 6 gallon pancake compressor (Ridgid). Varathane Ultimate is really a great product and if your in the US, it’s very affordable at $16.00 a quart at Home Depot.
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