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upright in a pickup truck

Discussion in 'Basses [DB]' started by sandy carlton, May 27, 2003.

  1. sandy carlton

    sandy carlton

    May 27, 2003
    i am going to have to start traveling to gigs in a pickup truck. i need ideas for getting my bass there in one piece. help
  2. Allow me...:D

    A climate controlled bed topper and a bean bag will do the trick. If no topper is available...

    Single cab: You have to have a sliding rear window and stick the neck out the back. Looks pretty redneck and you are blind to your right side...Glad I dont have to do that anymore :spit:

    Double cab: Easy...just fold the front passenger seat back as far as needed. Stick the neck to the back behind driver with the body up front. You can still fit the family in back but you cant see them.[​IMG]
  3. Add bungee cords to the beanbag idea. The beanbag will do little good if it starts scooting across the bed as you round a sharp curve.
  4. I had to do the Truck thing before I got my SUV. My Truck had the Tie down loop things in the corners of the Bed. How I did it was put the Bass on its side with its back against the side of the bed "bridge out" and attached a bungee to the Tailpiece and one around the Scroll and I didnt have any problems. As long as you got a good Gig Bag of course. Ohh yeah, I always watch to see how the weather was going to be too...;)

  5. CBFinet


    Nov 11, 2002
    Phoenix, AZ
    I have been hauling my bass with my truck for a couple of years now. I have a toyota tundra ext. cab, so I end up leaning the passenger seat back and putting the bass in the cab, but this makes it very uncomfortable for anybody to ride with me and my bass. I have always wondered if there was a way to heat/cool a topper, but haven't really found anything. I would like to be able to do this, but living in FLagstaff, AZ where winter temperatures get well below freezing and playing in Phoenix in the summer, I don't feel comfortable putting my bass back there even with all the padding in the world. If you guys know of any solutions other than buying an SUV, I would appreciate it.
  6. Monte


    Jan 9, 2001
    DFW Area, Tejas
    Buy a Volvo wagon:D ! Room for the bass and 2 passengers, or 2 basses and one passenger.

    Actually, I did the pickup thing for awhile when I didn't know much about the delicacy of carved basses. In Oklahoma, we have lotsa temp extremes as well, and I'm amazed I didn't melt all the hide glue in the summer or crack it in the winter. Now, the pickup only gets used as a bass hauler if it is A) An emergency AND B) Between 50-74% F. I think that is about 3 days a year here :rolleyes:

  7. Damon Rondeau

    Damon Rondeau Journeyman Clam Artist Supporting Member

    Nov 19, 2002
    Winnipeg, baby
    You don't get ANY cool points for driving a minivan, but it sure is handy for hauling gear. I can cram in a fair whack of stuff (including the bass) and still take 4 people if I need to.

    At least, that's what I tell myself when I'm having one of those "middle-aged" days.
  8. CBFinet


    Nov 11, 2002
    Phoenix, AZ
    I've looked into trading my truck in for something more bass-friendly, but when it comes down to it, I don't want to give up my truck if I don't have to. It's not an issue of climate affecting my bass because I always put the bass in the cab, but I would like to be able to take the bass and other people comfortably as well. Someone here mentioned climate controlled toppers - I wondered about them, but I never knew they actually existed. I have an oppurtunity to buy a GMC Yukon from my parents in about a year, but it's not what I'm looking for in a vehicle (no 4WD, low clearance etc.) I would like to be able to keep my truck and just get a climate controlled topper if possible. If anyone knows anyhing about these, I could use the help.
  9. I have doubts they do exist. It seems any CCTopper would have to be permanently attached (power supply, etc.). You mentioned a Yukon's lack of 4wd and clearance but I have never understood why someone would want $30K+ vehicle for offroad. I have an old model Explorer that works well.
  10. RE: Climate controlled topper

    Back when I had a topper, I would blast air through the sliding rear window. The passage was sealed and it worked fine...just takes a little extra time to warm up or cool down.

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