UPS lost my strings...I just have to take the loss, right?

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  1. I bought some DR flats from GC online. They were supposed to arrive the same day as my new bass. The bass shipped to GC, and I bought the strings later and they were supposed to be shipped to my house.

    My tracking said it was delivered to my porch, but there was nothing there. I went to the UPS shipping place and it was not there.

    Do I just take the loss and order with signature confirmation from now on?
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    Another reason I always set my deliveries to will call & pick them up from the UPS depot myself.
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    UPS effed-up the last (2) deliveries to me. Delivery Notice online said "Delivered" nothing anywhere.
    Package 1 delivered across the street, neighbor brought it over. God Bless him.
    Package 2 delivered to house next door. I walked over, saw box on their porch and claimed it. Good thing they are good peeps (and weren't home) otherwise that could be dangerous.

    Call GC, they generally are cool, I would not be surprised if they sent you new ones.
    Ootherwise, there will have to be a claim filed w/UPS by the shipper, you'll get your strings, no big deal, but it may take some time (about a week) before all the dots are connected.
    I think GC will replace without the hassle, but one never knows. If you ask for signature, then you gotta be home when they deliver, or after 3 attempts, it goes BACK!

    I hate when stuff like that happens!
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    Heck no, ask GC to replace them if you never received them. Not your fault they were too cheap/stoopid to ship them "signature required". If they won't, dispute the credit card charge.
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    Don't worry its not gonna be all that!

    BTW, it costs nothing extra to require a signature for delivery, and usually unless requested or its a $$ item, most shippers don't send it that way.

    If its a $2K bass we're talking about, hellyeh, -for a $15 set of strings, unless your house is in a crack neighborhood, they'll probably be safe at your doorstep.

    Don't stress it, I'm sure GC won't!:roflmao:
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    Somewhat on-topic - today I had to wait around all day for a Fedex "signature required" package and they just left it on my back porch :wideyed:.
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    What was the first reason?
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  8. I did not know this was an option...I send expensive stuff to GC and it arrives 100% of the time with no damage.

    Because of the hours I work, I am never home for a signature when they arrive.

    Well...about that...LOL
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    If you get a fair amount of stuff, and it's worth your time, you can set up an Online Acc't w/ UPS. Costs nothing.
    They notify you of deliveries, and you can place your options like signature required (or not) and "Hold for Pick-Up", get notifications by E-mail and such.

    If something's shipped requiring a sig, then yeah you gotta be home. I believe you can authorize its release, but I'm not sure what the liability is then if its lost in space, like your strings.

    Call GC, I bet they got your back.
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    That's actually a serious violation so to speak, by Fed-Ex.
    If you wanted to, you could bust their ballz about it, or even claim you never rec'd it IF you were dishonest.
    They would be stuck for cost of replacement for whatever the value was.

    Gotta be aware of Karma though!:roflmao:
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    May 5, 2004
    Yup...Always be honest....It's the only way
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    I looked up the tracking info - it says that <my last name> signed for it. Guess they forged my signature although those electronic pad signatures are unrecognizable anyways. No big deal, I live in a safe area anyways. What really tweaks me is when USPS leaves packages either sticking out of my roadside mailbox or on the ground next to it :wideyed: - or shows it delivered and it doesn't show up until the next day or so :wideyed: .
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    I get lots of stuff by both FedEx and UPS, DHL as well. I'll say that about 98% of the time, they get 'er done, but that 2% can be a beotch.

    USPS?? I won't even go there! Al least with UPS/FedEx you can call a human being and they really seem to care & start the process, but try reaching the Post Office! O M G.

    There was a video of a FedEx driver, showing him throwing a parcel over a gate once, that went well with management!
    Forging your siggie- that's bad news. What if it had been a $500 effect from GC for example?? Hate to even think it.
    I'm lucky in that my house has an enclosed gated front patio area, unless a real tweaker walked thru the gate (in which case I could legally shoot him!:roflmao:), safe as can be. You really should complain about them leaving stuff out in the open like that-Sad fact is there are plenty of riff-raff crankheads who have no scruples about taking someone else's property.

    Maybe when Amazon starts delivering w/ Drones, things will be better!:smug:
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    Exactly why I set my stuff to will call. I've had them knock & run a few times, but then there are the times that I've been out for 10 - 20 minutes & came home to the notice on the door that they tried to deliver.
    The straw that broke the camel's back is when they delivered a bass to the wrong address & left it on their lawn in the rain.

    I had been sitting here at home waiting for it all day & all of a sudden I get the eMail that it's been delivered. A quick scan outside & I spotted it, luckily.
    Turns out they transposed two numbers on our address, which our mail carrier also seems to enjoy doing.

    When I called UPS they didn't offer an apology or anything. They couldn't have cared less.
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    Next time, and I hope there isn't one for you- Ask for a Supervisor-immediately. I know it sounds weak, but they will pass the buck and DO have peeps up the food chain that may take an extra step to make it happen.
    Whenever I ordered a bass, I asked for "Hold at Facility" too, that way I could also go get it early in the AM instead of waiting for the Delivery Truck which has until 7 PM.

    But-long story short- I had issues with that too. Once they couldn't find my bass-I was NOT happy. Ultimately, they did. and the mantra must be sadly: "They deal w/ 1.000's of packages daily, they deal with 1,000's of packages daily, they're only Human...!"

    Not on my watch!:roflmao:
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    The guy there knows me now & has the item waiting right outside his door in the depot.
    I've been in there collecting packages so many times that he no longer even asks for my ID.

    I can collect at 14:00, which is about 5 hours earlier than I'd get it if I waited for delivery.
    A couple of times the guy had to search for it, but as mentioned he now keeps it right by the door, because he's knows I'm coming at 14:00.
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    Nothing like VIP treatment.

    You know what??
    THIS has the potential to be THE BEST EVER thread in the history of TalkBass!:roflmao:
    Think about it....
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    Almost exactly that, Zoom R24 bought "new - other" from fleaBay that MSRP's for $500.

    Off topic - "new - other" indeed :meh: Missing the original box, SDcard, SDcard cover, USB cable, and manual. Did come with 6 niMH AA cells though. Said it was used once, I can believe that - but quite old as it had pre-2011 firmware on it. No big deal to me as I got it for 1/2 MSRP...
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    Geez, that is big-time suck on Fed-Ex. Good thing it was there. In the end, you may have won, but it would probably have been an ordeal jumping through hoops. Glad it actually did come.
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    The vendor will ship you a replacement ...just call them. I ordered some cool vintage looking black light posters for my studio and the vendor shipped them DSL. But the DLS driver left them at a house down the road about half a mile by mistake. When I called DSL they connected me with the driver and he said he wouldn't go back to that house to get the package because they had 3 big dogs chained near the porch and he was afraid of the dogs. So I called the vendor and they just shipped me a replacement of the posters. Then I drove by the house where the original shipment went and saw those dogs. I wouldn't have gone back there either. 3 Dobermans protecting the property. That DSL guy must have thrown the package to the porch...don't see how he would have survived walking it up there. lol
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