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UPS scammers!

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by wilser, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. I got a UPS bill in the mail the other day. I had just created an account through paypal for printing a shipping label of some ebay stuff I sold. Somehow, someone down in florida used my UPS account number to make a shipment to Kentucky. They used my partial address, but a florida zip code as the 'sender address', including my name. And they billed that to my UPS account.

    I called and complained, they were very helpful about removing the charges from my account, but not helpful at all in explaining how that could happen. I asked to be transfer to account services and cancelled it immediately.

    How can they not detect that at the time of shipment? I mean, don't they verify the data before accepting 'billed' packages?
  2. They probably just acted too quickly and/or didn't think about it. I've always found FedEx to be cheaper anyways. (in some cases, much cheaper.)

    PS: where in northern VA are you from? I live in Annandale myself.
  3. They verified it was a valid UPS account, and the name matched.

    That would be the scenario if you were on vacation and shipped something, so its not unreasonable, based on the odds of you on vacation vs someone stealing the account info including any password.

  4. So what kind of protection are they offering me as a customer? To me, this is unreasonable. The address they put as 'sender' was a partial match to my address, only street name and city/state. The zipcode was from florida and there was no house number. That means someone can use my account info to ship a bomb from anywhere, and I'll get blamed for that ...and CHARGED AS WELL!

    I live in Fairfax, specifically Fair Lakes and work in Tysons Corner. The only reason why I chose UPS is because they were cheaper than USPS and PayPal didn't have an option to create a shipping label with FedEx. I have my reservations against UPS, I've been mistreated on a couple of occasions, including delayed/rescheduled packages for more than one week (national), packages tagged as 'delivered' but never showed up to my door, etc.