UPS site has been jacked up for weeks?

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by Killed_by_Death, Jun 20, 2019.

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    Last time I used their site was 07-Jun, & then it was jacked up by the end of the day & not showing me updates anymore.
    Cut to yesterday when I was checking up on two items that are being shipped to me, and this:

    All I know is that they've been shipped & an estimated delivery date, but I can't get details or even request to be updated by eMail.

    Has it been like this the whole time for the past couple of weeks?

    On a happy note, I won something from The Talk, CBS' daytime talk show.
    No idea what it is, the shipping notification was a surprise to me, but I do put in for their raffles almost every day, if I see something worth having.
  2. Kriegs


    Feb 14, 2018
    Seems to be working for me....
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  3. Killed_by_Death

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    turns out all I needed to do was clear my cOOkies, which I should have done two weeks ago :meh:
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  4. Kriegs


    Feb 14, 2018
    Glad to hear it's working for you now :thumbsup: and hopefully your wait isn't as long as mine.

    I'm sure that, one day, physicists will prove that the passage of time that one experiences while waiting for a guitar shipment is fundamentally sllllooooooower than the normal passage of time :banghead: