UPS wierdness to report

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    Dec 23, 2002
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    So, I sent my Cirrus to the Peavey service dept about a week ago to get the neck checked out. I shipped via UPS. Here is a list of the strange things that have happened SO FAR:

    1. The tracking number didnt work. I called the place I shipped it from and they said they were integrating with a new tracking program and some of the numbers changed. Fine. I got my new number, and when I checked it online... it said my package had safely arrived in Illinois (a mere paddle up the river from Mississippi, which is where it was supposed to go). Fortunately, the package was in fact in Mississippi... the online info was just wrong.

    2. Today I got a phone call from a lady at a UPS processing center in Loiusiana, concerning my package. She said she was calling because they received the package soaking wet and they needed to compensate me. Mind you, this is after I talked to Steve at Peavey (great guy, BTW), and he didn't mention anything about the condition of the package. This is wierd because dont you usually have to contact UPS about a poorly received package? Is it possible that it was so wet they HAD to get in touch with me? She's calling me back tommorrow to work out the details.

    And this is all on the trip down there!

    ...Good thing I insured it
  2. What the hell? The guy said it was fine yet the lady said it was soaked? Good god UPS is weird...go FedEx next time, lol.
  3. Oh the big brown truck ... Something else reminds me of them ... bodily waste possibly ??
  4. My dad's work ships out 900-1500 packages with UPS EVERY DAY! In a given week they have about 5-10 packages that have problems during shipping. its crazy!
  5. Yeah, UPS blows.
  6. They offloaded one too many packages at GC once.

    It contained 500 rolls of Toilet Paper.

    You have no idea how funny it looked when we opened it up. I wonder who actually ordered that much TP.

    Rock on
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    You're so bad!
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    Im a sock

    Dec 23, 2002
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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! :rolleyes: