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No longer available Upshot/Clarus SL-2 w/backpack

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Bass Amps, Strings, & Accessories' started by roccobass, May 16, 2021.

  1. roccobass

    roccobass Still funkin’ in the free world.

    Jun 25, 2014
    Acoustic Image Clarus SL-2 amplifier,Upshot speaker cabinet, back pack, mounting bracket, power and speaker cords. One of the most portable bass rigs!

    All in excellent condition. Only 2 years old and purchased from Gollihur. This whole rig new from them is now $1149 and don’t forget sales tax.

    Will sell individually:
    $550: AI SL-2 head
    $275 Upshot cabinet

    Will consider reasonable offers.

    If buyer is in California, we could meet up versus shipping.

    $785 shipped CONUS

    D4022F6C-3C03-4BDD-A68D-743677072794.jpeg E09AA52C-C40C-4E98-8C94-DFDD77EF1F96.jpeg 7BD82576-2EBC-424B-86EA-C476174CC732.jpeg 269A511C-C45F-492B-9D5C-F4159D48ED39.jpeg B81F299B-60D7-467A-AEF0-3159974FDB95.jpeg 2A2DBA79-4E4C-4AA2-A89E-14FD81E5D4D8.jpeg 0C7E0A1E-B5D4-44C3-B274-E4A9029DCBF8.jpeg 0E8F08C4-AE14-47F5-9A70-64337B1EF234.jpeg 2C11CB2C-D83C-499C-8F4F-2D4C23A5D4F6.jpeg
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