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Upton Bass Co. Questions.....

Discussion in 'Basses [DB]' started by Greywoulf, Oct 2, 2000.

  1. Has anyone checked out the Upton Bass Co., at uprightbass.net ? Reason I ask, they're selling a new bass from Rumania at $1500 including setup, strings, gig bag and bow. Bass is called Leon Aubert R-21, or LAR-21. Has anyone heard of it, tried it, is it any good? (I'm a bass guitar player, never touched an upright outside of a store, but I was raised on jazz...)
    Also, what about sizes? Bass comes in 3/4 size, which I know about, but also in 1/2 size, which I don't. 1/2 size sounds mighty appealing to a beginner like me; has much easier portabilty, is less intimidating, seems like it would be easier to learn upon and play? (Certainly my wife would definitely appreciate a cello sized, rather than a 3/4 bass sized, instrument around the house, which is already overcrowded with various drums, basses, amps, etc...) But does the quality of sound suffer (much) from a bass being 1/2 size?

    Thanks for any opinions, or directions to previous threads..

  2. An AUBERT? It has to be a copy, as a genuine Aubert would cost about 10 times that.I would cast a skeptical eye on that.
    About your other question. I have seen some half size solo basses that sounded great, but those are extremely rare.
    1/2 sizes are generally student models, made with the assumption that the student will grow and progress to a larger size. And no, it isn't any easier starting on a smaller instrument,unless you are small (under 5'6). And a 3/4 Bass doesn't really take up much more room anyway, if you put it on a stand.Tell that to your wife.And excuse my asking, but what do you plan to use it for? Do you want to play classical,jazz or Bluegrass? If you just want to cross over from Electric and are worried about portability and space, then you may want to check out an EUB. But if you just love the sonority of the instrument, as I do, take a deep breath,put aside your apprehension, and dive into a
    completely new realm of musicality and go for the 3/4 Upright. It takes a commitment, but it is worth it! :)
  3. Yes, it's an Aubert. And the reason I posted the site, uprightbass.net, is that I thought some people would go and check it out so they could more fully respond to what I'm asking about. There's an Aubert LAR-22 that goes for $3000, but then there's also an Aubert LAR-21, and THAT one goes for $1500 for the 3/4 size... (Maybe the 1/2 size is even less. I'll check on this. But they're both made in Romania!) And that less expensive R-21 model is the one I am wondering about...
    And I'm still considering the 1/2 size; space where I live really is a consideration; I don't like having to minipulate my partner over it; hey, it's her house, dig? The 1/2 would probably hold its resale value fairly well until after I finished studying on it. I'm guessing that it's quieter and maybe not as deep as a 3/4 size but it's bound to have a better acoustic sound than any (unplugged) EUB I could get for $1500... (Have you checked the prices on those EUB things?) Plus, I don't like the futuristic look of most of them; plus, most of em' probably need special amps, no? Also, I already have electric; fretted and fretless bass guitars. Methinks it's time for something more mellow and acoustic maybe...
  4. olivier


    Dec 17, 1999
    Paris, France
    Leon Aubert is dead today and was probably a fine luthier in Mirecourt (the French Mittenwald...) or Paris in 19th or begening of 20th century (you can ask Paul Brun about it, if interested). This is far away from Romania Y2K and old Leon most likely never saw a piece of plywood in his life! So Reedo is right, this is not an Aubert you're looking at on the net, but rather an entry level student laminated bass named after (in honor of?) the great luthier. If the setup is correct, you could learn to play bass on it...

    But EVEN BEFORE BUYING, you should find a teacher and take a couple of lessons and with his help spot an instrument that fits both your needs and possibilities. That would be THE real smart move. Good luck.
  5. Merci beaucoup Messer Olivier for the info about Leon Aubert, and for the other good suggestion also...
    I think I should probably do it that way too. I'm going to get a new bass guitar teacher; I'll check with him about URB teachers with available URB's to begin on...
    And perhaps I could even rent one?

  6. Don Higdon

    Don Higdon In Memoriam

    Dec 11, 1999
    Princeton Junction, NJ
    If you buy a 1/2 size bass from a dealer, I'll bet ten to one odds you lose when you try to resell it. I've owned a lot of basses and have watched the market for years, and that's my experience. Where would you go after a 1/2? A 5/8? They're almost as hard to move as a 1/2. These basses are appropriate for only a small percentage of players. I can easily see where you'd become dissatisfied with the underperformance and you'll end up buying a 3/4 anyway, with the 1/2 taking up room because you can't sell it.
  7. Or worse... You'll get so hungry for a real bass that makes
    some sound you'll buy a 4/4. That'll take up some room. There won't be any room left to store the 1/2 that you can't sell. You grow so sick of the 1/2 being in your way that you smash it and really take a loss on it. If you're lucky enough to have doors big enough to move that beast of a 4/4 out of the house you'll need to buy a Chevy Suburban to haul it anywhere. Your wife will be so pissed she'll either
    leave, in which case you'll lose the house, and the Suburban, and will have to sell the bass to cover alimony. Or, she'll kill you. You should find a normal size bass
  8. So maybe I'll buy a 1/2, a 5/8, a 3/4, and a 4/4, and move them in with my amps and my drums and my partner and I can move into the basement...(Or the garage.)

    A 5/8 ??

    But most of you guys have been helpful with your opinions, even if I don't already have a couple'a nice uprights for a pedigree.

    Didn't realize about the profile however, -never clicked on anyone's papers before, myself. But I've updated mine, I can see where it might be helpful.

    Thanx again,

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