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Urgent: Lab Systems Cabs

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by flexo, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. flexo


    May 3, 2005
    Perth, Australia

    I have a mate that might be selling a 4x10 lab systems cab for around $AU3-400, and i'd like to know what they're like. I've looked at the lab systems website: http://www.labsystems.com.au/labsystems.htm

    but i don't know which model of 4x10 it is. I see the price i could get it for looks pretty good but i'm just curious as to what they're like.

    As a side note, i don't have a bass head yet, so i couldn't test it out with the amp i'm gonna use it with. I do however plan to get an Ashdown MAG300 head in the near future.


    I can get the quad for $AU400 or i can get it with a Peavey Mark IV head for $750 ($700 if i haggle!). Should i just buy both? If i did and i sold the Mark IV head, how much do you reckon i could get for it in Australia?
    Oh also, the cab is about 8 years old so what are the older lab systems cabs like?
  2. That seems like a very good price - snap it up I say!
    Very solid cabs and punchy. I think Lab Systems cabs have always been pretty good. Your traditional 4X10 - solid, loud and heavy.
    Forget the peavy - you got a good cab - get a good amp! You dont want to get stuck with it if it doesnt sell.

  3. Lab Systems are excellent! I never owned one, but I played for many house gigs with one hooked up to an Orange head - great sound!

    I was lucky enough to sorta A/B it one night when I had to use a Peavey head - it sucked.

    Get on the Ashdown (they rule IMHO!) and grab that cab pronto, mate! :hyper:
  4. Yep, go the lab cab. I have played through a 410 with my ABM500 and a lab 115 combo and they sound great.
  5. flexo


    May 3, 2005
    Perth, Australia
    Update for you all!

    I got the cab and head (talked him down to $AU700 too!)! :bassist:
    I also called a used guitar shop here and they reckon i could get between $400-600 for the Peavey head! Even if i only get like $400 for it, i still would have gotten the 4x10 for $300! :hyper:

    On a sadder note, my one and only bass i own has a twisted neck and it was 6 days out of warranty when i took it in. :bawl: (See my warranty issue thread in the setups forum for more info)
    So now i have a cool new amp and have nothing to play through it!
  6. sknkh


    Mar 21, 2004
    Congrats man! Too bad about your bass though, there is one thing you can do with your amp at the moment though, take photos of it and post them! :D