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Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by JackColtman, Sep 2, 2004.

  1. JackColtman


    Dec 24, 2003
    Hello, tonight im playing a gig and I need some quick tips on how to use my pedals in congunction with oneanother,I have an aphex Bass Xciter, and I just bought a Boss compression sustainer cs-3, Ill I want is a nice warm slap tone that is clear and natural sounding tone similar to geddy lee's signals tone and Les claypools fizzle fry sound, all I can get is a rather muffled odd and abrasive tone similar to Mark King's tone in the song Dance on Heavy weather, knob settings would be a big help as I am playing tonight, on the compressor there is LEVEL, TONE, ATTACK and SUSTAIN and on the Xciter theres Lo tune, lo Blend, Hi tune, Hi Blend, I will be using my samick active custom, and im using tonight a big 100 watt torque amp, although I know its got a compression unit on it, any help would be good though, so I can use the settings for future purposes, as the torque amp isnt mine.
  2. Set it up thusly:

    Compressor (Level @ 12 o'clock, Tone @ 12 o'clock - until you hear the room, then maybe turn it to the right to give you some cut/bite, Attack @ 9 o'clock - will allow a bit more dynamics to pass, Sustain @ 9 o'clock - should be a nice warm, but not too drastic sustain)
    Aphex Bass Exciter (Lo Tune @ 2 o'clock - should be punchy, turn up for more punch, Lo Blend @ 12 o'clock - wait until you hear the room...but you'll probably end with this at around 3 o'clock, Hi Tune @ 12 o'clock - cause you don't want to be all 'clicky', Hi Blend @ 12 o'clock...but you might actually roll this off a bit.)

    You might be getting an odd, muffled tone because you're over-doing the effects. If you set everything at 12 o'clock and turn them on, you're getting compression and ..er..excitement happening, but you run into trouble when you crank it.

    The muffled-ness might be coming from the Attack knob on your compressor. You might be just squashing your bass right away and keeping it squashed. You need to 'pingh' the peaks right away then have them release. IMO, the compressor shouldn't have to be working through the entire ring of the note, only during the peaks.

    The only other thing it might be is that you're putting the exciter before the compressor, and sending your active Samick full into the exciter. This may be clipping the pedal, then you're sending that clipped signal to the compressor...which isn't the best thing.