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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by emre03, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. emre03


    Sep 18, 2000
    Hi all;
    I'm reeeaaallly cofused. I plan to buy a new bass on monday, untill today I was sure that i was going to buy a status shark 5, i liked its tone, i adored its playability, and i'd have some money left over(i got a great deal-first hand, for 500 dollars) so then i'd save up for some pu and preamp changes on this bass and some more modifications...
    But then later today i learned that the same store had an fretless stingray fretted and they were going to sell it for 1200 dollars, may be I'd get it for 1100 but no less. Right now I'm selling a bass and totaly may be I'd have enough to buy the stingray but the problem is the stingray is a four-banger and i've been playing 5s and sixs for 3 years, not that i use the low b very much but I'm used to the tight string spacing and i love it.
    I also am like a newbie and i'm not playing any gigs yet(may be in a couple of months but not now) so i don't know if i need an high end insturment.....
    I really am very very confused, on one hand I'd buy an great playing bass, with a tone that i love and modify every detail of it to my wants, it'd be like a custom bass and on the other hand there's a STINGRAY, but its only a four stringer.....
    And also i really like the bongo concept, more than stingray concept , so may be i should save up for it....
    What should i do????
    Any suggestions????
  2. hoytmonster


    Nov 28, 2003
    I'm not that familiar with the Status bass, but I know you can get StingRay 5s almost anytime you want.

    If you really like the Status and think it will meet your needs for a while -- get it. You can always get a StingRay later. Don't know what you could sell the Status for later, but I bet you wouldn't lose too much.

    Now, my opinion might change if you are planning on making a lot of modifications to the Status. While I've made some mods that were great, more often than not things just don't seem to work like I had expected. But you know better what you're planning.

    Personally, I prefer 4 string basses, but I wouldn't settle for a 4 if I really wanted a 5 string. So, I really wouldn't consider the 4 string at your local shop.

    Again, there are lots of StingRays available.

    Good luck with your decision.
  3. HeavyDuty

    HeavyDuty Supporting Curmudgeon Staff Member Gold Supporting Member

    Jun 26, 2000
    Suburban Chicago, IL
    Hmmm. If it were me, I'd go with the Status, and keep your eye out for a used Stingray 5 later on. I suspect Stingrays aren't very common in Turkey, but since you seem to prefer fivers...
  4. emre03


    Sep 18, 2000
    Thank you very much for your wise advices :)
    I went straight to the shop today after my basic design class, and i bought the status shark 5.(after checking out a warwick corvette 5 =) ) Its at a luthier shop getting cleaned and set-up, i'll get it on wednesday and then i'll probably post a review and some pictures...
    I won't start moding at least in two months, but i'll ask you guys opinions about my mod plans via p.m., would it be ok with you?
    thanks again...
  5. emre03


    Sep 18, 2000
    Well, it has almost been a month now, its time to post a review. I didn't want to open up another thread but anyone who might need this review would find this one via search anyways.
    34" Scale Length
    Alder Body
    Maple Neck(with graphite reinforcements)
    Rosewood Fingerboard
    24 Frets
    Machined string guide, first fret used as nut
    Bolt-on Neck(special neck joint design)
    Standard Status Bridge and Tuners
    Single Status "Hyperactive" Passive Pickup(Doublecoil)
    No Electronics, One Volume Knob, One Tone Knob
    ...and has a pickguard.......

    First of all, the playability:The string tension is really good compared to other basses(though it seems that i will need to buy .50 gauge strings or get a 34.5" custom built for me to be completely happy with the tension, i found the 35" tension on my trb too much and 34" tension seem too less after using a 35" for two years...), the neck is just awesome, it is the thinnest neck i've played , it has two graphite bars in it, and its just...lovely. The neck joint is specially designed, but the neck is joined at like zero or first kinda fret (lol) and because of the nice heel you can easily reach 24 on higher four strings(and 23 on B) Has a small body, comfartable, nicely designed, the armrest is lovely. One con: I think its just my luck and this is one of the few ones made this way but the saddles and nut has a design fault. The string spacing is too wide for the neck. So the high g and low B strings tend to go off-board when i play with less than perfect technique. I decided to get the saddles changed (new ones will be made for tighter string spacing,they'll be round, chrome covered brass ones) and also the string guide and the first fret. They'll cost about 30 bucks.
    The unplugged sound: It's just big and fat and punchy and warm and very full, and good =) Not so bright as the Cort A5 i owned, but it lacked the complete low end, sounded more like a guitar than bass. This axe is big fat and mean, definitely a bass, not a large guitar. Has a really very FULL tone.Also considerably bright, but i wouldn't describe it as bright; juicy, rocky,full,woody or groovy would be more precise descriptions.
    The one pickup is nicely placed and is a nice pickup indeed. It doesn't "improve" the sound, neither can the tone be changed very much due to the "one pickup+passive tone" setting but does deliver a pretty transparent, overall punchy and "Rock"y sound. I had the chance to try both this bass and a mij jazz almost at the same time and found this bass sounding fatter, fuller and woodier. The mij jazz seemed to bring out the high and low frenquiencies mostly, it seemed like it was lacking something(well for me anyways), but this bass had a full tone overall.
    I think this axe looks good, its pickguard is slightly different from most of the sharks, the pots are mounted to the pickguard, the part covering the cavity is like a p-bass pickguard segment. Not a stuning pickguard, but still snappy. My bandmates seemed to like it.
    Overall it is a very nice bass. I can say that this is the best bass i've owned without hesitation, beats the hell out of cort a5, washburn x-200 and yamaha trb and many basses i've tried (including a fender mij jazz, many jacksons, fender p american deluxe, warwick whatwasthemodel, and many crappy unknown basses...), very playable, has a nice sound, very direct(only two pots, you dont fool around with the tone much, "just play it!" kinda bass), ideal for rock, even blues or progressive and may be metal. Not slapable at all. Has a transparent full tone. And i'd probably give it 4.5 ot of 5 :)
    After i finally sell my cort a5, i will have the bridge saddles and string guide rebuilt, the pickguard changed, the pots changed(if i can i'd add a push-pull pot for volume, pulling up would "mute" the insurment) and add a paralel-series switch for the doublecoil pup. And luckily i'll also buy a cheap digital camera and take some pictures of it and put them here. I already had the fingerboard unfretted-sanded-refretted because of the terrible stupid mods on the frets the shop i bought this bass from made. And i may be wiil change the pickup and install either two bart quad soapbars or one bart quad and one bassline MM with or without an online eq 5-6 months later(or when i'd have saved up enough money), but i dont think id change the pickups now, because i love the tone so much.
    Well that was pretty long for a review, sorry, but this was my first one. And nefore i boguht this bass i spend hours on the web trying to find any input at all about this bass. I hope it helps someone save his/her time.
    I'm off now....

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