No longer available US Spector Forte 4 SS

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    I'm new to TalkBass and the classifieds are already getting me in trouble haha. I actually just got this bass off another TB member a few weeks ago. I ended up buying a Streamer Stage II off another member last week as well and unfortunately can only keep one of these basses. They are both amazing basses but I've wanted a Streamer Stage II for a long time so I have to sell the Spector to recoup some money.

    2017 Forte 4 SS #143
    I received this bass in like new condition and somewhere in the short time I had it managed to get a very very tiny little nick in the finish on the bottom of the lower horn. (See photo) Other than that it is in the same condition as I received it. Bass will come with OEM Spector Hardshell case in excellent condition. Shipping to Continental US only. Paypal for payment

    I also have a brand new pre wired OBP-3 preamp ( Push/Pull Active/Passive Volume Control, Blend, Push/Pull Mids and Stacked Bass/Treble ) I got from with 4 new Black Knobs I was going to put in it. (Not included in the price) We can work out a deal if you're interested in the bass and want the preamp as well.

    Scale : 34"
    Nut width : 1.64"
    String spacing : .75"
    Body : Swamp ash wings with Walnut finish
    Neck : 3 peice Maple
    Fret board : Pau Ferro
    Pickups : Aguilar Super Singles
    Pre Amp : This has an EMG BTS in it instead of the OBP - 2.
    Controls: Volume, Pan, Bass and Treble
    Helium Bridge
    8lbs 7 oz 20180418_210128.jpg 20180418_210128.jpg 20180418_210515.jpg 20180418_210429.jpg 20180418_210351.jpg 20180418_210351.jpg 20180418_210250.jpg 20180418_210308.jpg 20180418_210745.jpg
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