USA 2002-03 Fender Tele

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  1. b-bottom


    Dec 18, 2006
    Knoxville TN
    Serial number Z2229279.

    I just got this guitar and realized that I more gear than I need.
    It's a 02-03 Right handed USA made white Fender tele. The thing plays and sounds great.
    It comes in a hardshell case (non Fender). The case does have some wear but hey.... that's what cases are for right?

    The guitar is in very good condition and only has maybe two chips and very little cracking in a small section of the paint around the neck.

    I'm asking $700 plus shipping. I am willing to meet within 30 miles of Lancaster PA.

    I'm open to trades for Stingrays and Orange heads and cabs. PM me if you're interested



    PS the case in the picture is not the case that the guitar will come in