SOLD USA Custom Guitars T body

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    Feb 15, 2017
    Reranch Daphne Blue nitro with satin nitro clear. Was made as a relic so has some dings and chips. Has an offset hole for strap button and hole for strap button on back. I was experimenting with strap button location.

    Double sided tape pulled finish off while I was working on different pickguard ideas. Cabronita style works well.

    Plate and wiring is Kellings solderless with 3 way switch. Pickup routes are EMG 35.

    free ship CONUS
    A2046703-64F4-4C21-BDA5-5BA05A491582.jpeg 9A4B9803-3F05-47D6-B9E0-E2AE68FA245D.jpeg 3143F7A2-96A8-4075-A61F-9027EF62FB4A.jpeg A7CFB2E4-48BF-4D0A-AC25-4F7BB3351F0C.jpeg 871FB55C-0658-41A5-81B7-E1F9DF4382AF.jpeg 13C85FE7-3F7F-4CF1-9B68-9FF2E3DA8956.jpeg
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