No longer available USA Lakland 44-64, Maple w/ Blocks

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  1. Hopter


    Feb 3, 2010
    Santa Barbara
    Asking $1850 shipped.Excellent condition US 44-64 in Olympic White with maple neck and blocks (no binding). I have two of these, selling this one off. The bass was originally made in 2012, I had the body refinished in 2018 by Pat Wilkins and a new neck made for it by Lakland in 2019, this was the first US neck made by Lakland in 2019. Plays like a dream and sounds amazing. Lindy Fralin standard wind pickup is installed, original Lakland pickup and wiring is included in the sale.There is a small chip in the neck pocket (pictured and very small, it took me a while to notice it). The pickguard also has standard finger and pick scratches from use. I was going to have the neck chip fixed by but figured Id try to sell the bass here in the event someone didnt mind it and didnt want to absorb the cost of the paint fix in my asking price. Lakland hard case included.

    - US 44-64
    - Olympic White
    - Maple Neck with Ebony Blocks
    - 1.75" Nut Width
    - Lindy Fralin pickup
    - Vintage Wiring Harness
    - Original Pickups Included
    - Weighing in around 8.5 lbs

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  2. Hopter


    Feb 3, 2010
    Santa Barbara
    Price drop for the weekend $1650 shipped. If it doesnt sell by Sunday night Im going to pull the listing, have the paint repaired and relist.
  3. Hopter


    Feb 3, 2010
    Santa Barbara
    Now for sale only as I purchased another bass I need to fund. Keeping listing up for another week until I can get a shipping box to send in to repair small neck pocket paint chip.