USA/ Mexico? big diffrence?

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  1. franko79


    Jul 21, 2003
    Liverpool, GB
    just wondering what the diffrence is between a usa fender and a mexican? sorry if it sounds soft, but I'm new to it.
    help appreciated, peace
  2. temp5897

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    Why the sad face?

    And basically yeah there is a difference...
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    Nov 10, 2001
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    While the American Fenders certainy aren't what they used to be (what is?), their quality standards and materials are much higher than the MIM models. That said, I own a MIM Jazz and I love the thing. i am in the process of replacing the neck, which will eventually warp more than it should, likely. I've already had the electronics and some hardware upgraded.

    You just never know with the MIM models. The pickups, hardware and overall materials are definitely cheaper than a USA-made.
  4. demolition

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    Jul 5, 2003
    Try the search option,you will find millions and millions of threads on this very subject,its been done to death but its always a good one I must admit.
    Here goes nothing,I only play Fenders and have owned a few of each and the biggest differences I have come across are as follows.
    Mexican Fenders are very inconsistent when it comes to quality control,and what i mean by that is that they dont always put out the same quality bass from one bass to the next,one bass can be well made and a pleasure to own while one from the same batch can be a lemon and give you nothing but trouble.
    They use cheaper wood on all their basses(mexico)and and when you use cheap wood on a neck,that spells trouble.
    The ones i have owned needed to have the truss-rod adjusted often while my better basses(american and japanese fenders) did not,the fretts would often stick out the side of the neck,while my others did not.
    American basses also have better quality pick-ups than the mexican made,the bridges are better made and are usually string through the body with a top load option,while the mexican's are top load only.
    The finish is better and can stand up to more abuse(change in temp,dings and scratches ETC),and all of the hardware(tuners,knobs,control's and fretts)is better made,and over all the American basses are just made better,more consistent,and hold up to use better than the mexican models.
    Though i am no fan of mexican fenders ,I would'nt buy a new american bass either,if I was to buy a new bass it would be another Japanese re-issue(I just got the 51 re-issue bass)over both of them.
    Mexican Fenders have been known to put out some decent basses over the years,you just need to hunt around for one,I myself could'nt believe how much one bass varied from the next,its like they were two different brands.
    Some people swear by them and if they can find a new fender bass for 400.00 $ lucky them,but for me i've had nothing but negitive experience's, whether it was with my own bass or a bass belonging to someone else,i dont care for them.
    And as far as the American made fenders are concerened,they are way overpriced and dont deserve to fetch the money they are getting for them,Give the japanese Fenders a day in court and you will see that they are well crafted enuff to go against many U.S. Fenders,and are 1/2 the price(sometimes even less)
    Hows that ? did that answer your question ? I hope so,i got carpel tunnel writing this thread.:bawl:
  5. DaveB


    Mar 29, 2000
    Toronto Ontario
    Yes,there is quite a difference as the other responses have indicated. I, for one, think the American basses are well worth the extra investment. But having said that, I also think that the Mexican Fenders are the best dollar value around at the entry level.
  6. DWBass

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    Please don't forget that the necks on the American models have graphite reinforced necks. They just won't warp! (In theory that is)but unlikely. The electronics are of better caliber. As is the hardware/string thru body bridge.
  7. dgce


    Jun 17, 2001
    Massachusetts, USA
    I agree, the Japanese stuff is great (well, that Sting model I'd just assume pass on). The Geddy Lee axe is just great and I dig their Japanese guitars as well.

    Clearly you don't hold the US Fenders in very high regard. Let me understand, are you really referring to the old American Standard Basses or the new American Line? The new American line seems to have really gotten on top of the quality control that hampered the old American Standards. Unfortunately, I've only tried out the Deluxe 5 string P and J basses. And for what its worth, both basses were simply outstanding. I was really impress and believe me, I was ready to totally rip these basses apart given the over $1,000 price tags. Now I'm not sure I'd run out and spend that kind of cash on a Fender but I had to admit, compared to their older stuff, Fender has really gotten their act together; or did I just get lucky?