SOLD USA Peavey Cirrus 6 string bass - Peacock Blue - near mint condition

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    For sale is an amazing USA Peavey Cirrus 6 string bass in a mesmerizing Peacock Blue. The pictures do not do the color any justice.

    $1100 shipped, OBO. PayPal only.

    This bass was built in 2005 but is nearly flawless! It still has the protective plastic covering on the batter and preamp cavity covers. The bass ships in the original Peavey hardshell case. The gold tuners were replaced with black Hipshot Ultralites as the gold plating on the tuners was fading away.

    The action on this bass is stupid low. This bass could easily pass as new. I am only selling it as I need to thin the heard and this bass just does not get played. I have never taken out of my smoke-free home and have never gigged it.

    The bass has the stock Peavey VFL active radiused pickups as well as the stock Cirrus preamp. Controls: volume, blend, bass, mids, treble.

    Scale length is 35" which translates into incredible B and E string bounce! You will not be disappointed in this bass!

    20180105_085437.jpg 20180105_085441.jpg 20180105_085447.jpg 20180105_085457.jpg 20180105_085500.jpg 20180105_085509.jpg 20180105_085518.jpg 20180105_085521.jpg 20180105_085538.jpg
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    Those black tuners look so much better than gold!
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