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SOLD USA SPECTOR NS-2JA w/Haz... Woodstock made

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by jtarmino, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. jtarmino

    jtarmino Supporting Member

    Aug 26, 2009
    New York
    A very rare USA Spector NS-2JA w/Haz made in Woodstock N.Y...Brooklyn style.This bass is a rare NS2JA that was custom spec'd and completed in 2017. It was made at the Woodstock NY shop from a US body and US neck from a limited run of 25 NS-2JA’s that were made for a distributor in Japan in 2013, not a wide neck pocket like the current bolt on's, it is the same as the original Brooklyn NS-2JA’s...NOT a Euro reissue!! All confirmed by VP PJ Rubal of Spector. Only one known to be in the states..
    Designed and made for TB member Ho Gonzales.
    The band I am in requires me to have a 5 string bass. I have my eye on a NS5XL..
    This was the last bass I purchased so unfortunately it has to be the first to go..My loss is your gain. Amazing bass.

    -Metallic Candy Apple Red
    -USA HAZ preamp
    -Pau Ferro board
    -Maple body w/ 3 piece maple neck
    -8lbs 9oz
    -1.5” nut
    -Thin front to back neck
    -Chrome hardware
    -Schaller tuners
    -Original Leo Quan badass bridge
    -Original Chrome neck plate from Spector
    -Factory installed Luminlay side dot markers
    -Excellent condition
    -Spector original fitted hardshell case 61733397-2EC5-414B-A792-DAD0C67EE973. 1430A731-C9E6-4ADB-8B49-51A2A850F250. 6CE60288-5F1F-4C78-91B6-70993E3F0B37. 1CC8AE34-E52F-4F0A-B06B-90EEF3074565. 59216076-96C4-414F-A50B-2DC0878ED08C. 068193A6-9949-42E1-86A1-827C9CDE3493. CC183E03-9CE3-46A3-BD2B-C90586D8773E. B6106D63-4639-4F92-B218-24EA713A877B. ABB7E1A9-4409-48D3-9A79-57D9D5FD947D. 4C28D43B-941F-46A1-BF80-D8B2EABADE1B. A0F80947-FF8D-42B4-9017-C4EF505DCF1F. C2318A82-2A1B-4190-AC65-A6E88A4AB6E1. 43EA49DA-8598-401B-A722-AED9CC257D48. F979A1F5-6CBC-42E7-AD7F-D8E25C9AAB85. BDF8050E-998B-403F-9869-F8DFA50C8E6D. 5D0611C1-4041-40C3-8CAC-2673C0DF2CEA. 53215635-6AA5-46D7-AEA2-8588A0F13CE1.
    -No scratches or dings or dents
    -100% made in the US at the Woodstock N.Y. Shop.
    -PJ mentioned that they will probably never make this model again.
    US sales only
    $70 shipping to lower 48
    ***Not Chech reissue***USA made
    Sorry no trades
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2019

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