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SOLD USA Spector RXT-4, 4-String Bass Rare - Temp Price Reduction

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by rmichael, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. rmichael

    rmichael Supporting Member

    Jan 6, 2006
    Central Illinois
    For Sale: USA Spector RXT-4, Serial #004, Completed December/2012, Coral Reef High Gloss, Features include: 5A Quilted Maple bodywings, 3pc Rock Maple Neck, Exhibition Grade BOM Fingerboard with High Gloss Coating on board/inlays, Abalone Crown Inlays, Dual EMG 35DC Humbuckers, 9V Active HazLab Preamp, Gold Hardware and Spector Hardshell Case. Weight: 10.2 lbs.

    Bass was purchased from Bass Central and had Rex Brown’s Signature on the front of the bass. However, after playing the bass for about an hour, I found that the bulk of the signature had rubbed off where my forearm made contact with the body while playing. That said, I used some guitar polish and a soft cloth and found that what remained of the signature came off with little to no effort whatsoever! I didn’t care for the signature anyway so, it worked out great!!! The bass is definitely more attractive without black magic marker directly across the front....lol. This bass is dead mint, and the clear coat on this bass is flawless with no scratches or dings

    I love the look and sound of the bass. However, I’m a 35” scale guy and I like to have access to all 24 frets, which this bass does not have or allow. If you’re reading this, you probably already know that these RXT’s are ultra rare with very few being made. I doubt you’ll find another USA Spector RXT on the market anytime soon.

    Price includes shipping via standard ground in the continental USA. No trades and no “low balls” so please be realistic if making an offer. PayPal accepted!

    PM if interested!

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    Last edited: Dec 16, 2017
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  2. superdick2112

    superdick2112 Mile High Bassist Supporting Member

    Nov 20, 2010
    The Centennial State
    Nice bass.
    Can you please post a pic of the preamp?
  3. rmichael

    rmichael Supporting Member

    Jan 6, 2006
    Central Illinois
    Preamp pic added!
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  4. shark1


    Feb 17, 2006
    Great Bass!
  5. rmichael

    rmichael Supporting Member

    Jan 6, 2006
    Central Illinois
    SOLD! Thanks David!

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