USACG Custom P Bass Neck in Nitro

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    I'm pursuing my "Dream Bass", so I'm parting out a parts bass I had built 2 years ago.

    For sale is a USACG P bass neck.
    Here are the specs right off the receipt.
    Heel Adjust
    20 Frets
    1 11/16" P Nut Width
    .880 C Contour
    7.25" Radius
    6150 Frets
    BML Tuner Holes
    Real Clay Dots
    Rolled Edges.

    When I had this neck made, I was going for a "Vintage Fender" feel.

    Paid $254 + shipping.
    Finished in Nitrocellulose.
    Has a Fender waterslide logo, but is NOT a Fender neck
    Has a set of Hipshot HB3's. These tuners are reverse wind.

    Zero fret wear

    $215 shipped CONUS.




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    Dang. I would have snagged that.