usacg jazz 5 pot's

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  1. i just got my 5 string jazz going at usacg so i need to start getting the inards for this thing ordered. it's going to be the traditional v/v/t passive setup. i'm using dimarzio ultra jazz 5 pickups but i'm not sure about the pots. 250k? 500k? is it a matter of output preference? do i need to order a capacitor?
    is there a special input jack for jazz basses when it's on the control plate. (front of body, not side)

    let me try to get some of the answers to questions i think may come up...

    alder body
    maple neck/board
    badass v bridge

    i'm looking to get *kind of* my old fender geddy lee model vibe. i'm not expecting it to be the same tone but somewhere in the ballpark.

    thanks for any help you guys/gals can give! :D


    p.s. please feel free to answer like you're talking to a child because while i am almost 30, i have nooooo idea about this sort of thing. lol
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    Jul 29, 2003
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    Do you know what pups & pre you'll be using? The bartolini pre I got from Brian over at BestBassGear came pre-wired WITH appropriate pots.
  3. ok, i did some research and found some pdf files for fender standard jazz 5 basses. (i know, i should have done this before!)

    250k audio pots (3)
    .05uf capacitor (1)

    this sound like the winning setup?
  4. hey brother! diamrzio ultra jazz 5 pickups and passive electronics.
  5. McHack


    Jul 29, 2003
    Central Ohio!
    Shoot Brian an email. He carries 'em.
  6. thank you sir. :)